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Reaching key audiences with blogging

Victoria Tomlinson posted this on

Blogging is a powerful tool for many businesses, organisations and brands. However, it can also be a hugely powerful tool for tackling sensitive issues like health, family matters and emotional well-being.

In an interview for the Content Mastery Guide’s Blogging for Wellness , Northern Lights chief executive Victoria Tomlinson speaks to Linda Dessau about the role blogging can play in helping people to access the information they need before they even turn to professionals for help.

In the interview, Victoria says that blogging is arguably the most effective way to find and connect with people who are grappling with health concerns, or for those trying to transform deeply ingrained day-to-day lifestyle habits. She explains that many begin with an internet search and targeted blogs can help to ensure they find what they need and the people who can help them.

Click here to read the interview, Blogging About Sensitive Topics.

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