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Category: The boardroom

How to grow your business – top tips from 400 entrepreneurs

Looking back on his time as Insider’s deputy editor, Northern Lights communications director Ben Pindar shares the secrets of business success from the hundreds of top entrepreneurs he interviewed over the years. This blog first appeared on Insider

Is there a difference in negotiation skills between men and women?

Is there a difference in negotiation skills between men and women?

Do professional firms need non-executive directors? How relevant is board governance to a firm?

Calum Lynch, is responsible for Grant Thornton’s Business Risk Services team outside of London.  He recently spoke at the Leeds Managing Partners’ Forum, discussing risk management in professional services firms.  This blog picks out some

Do you want to be part of our Social Media Experiment? #SocMedX

Intrigued? Then stay with us, read on and all will be revealed… We’ve put everything we’ve learned about business blogging into our latest ebook, How to write a top ranked business blog. But we didn’t want to just put it out there and make

Social media and REF score: how universities are helping academics to increase engagement

The Guardian recently highlighted how public engagement for universities is changing. Engagement as a two-way process is now a necessary part of university research and the publication of academic work. But for many academics and researchers, it involves

Top 10 media training tips for expert women – and men – giving media interviews

  Mrs Moneypenny of the FT asked this weekend ‘are you an adept user of social media?’  Since most of the FT’s readers are boardroom directors, I would anticipate the answer to that question would not only be ‘no’ but more likely ‘you

5 social media lessons every chief executive should learn from Paris Brown

Paris Brown, youth police and crime commissioner - Kent Police, demonstrated why young people do not have the skills to manage social media for corporates.

Horse meat crisis part 2 – what about internal communications?

The horse meat crisis has now been running for a month. How time flies. Back in January, this blog looked at how Tesco had responded to the initial scare and what a crisis communications plan should look like. A question from a client made me

The City should listen to their communications teams

Many would say that the City of London’s reputation came out of the insurance market where a handshake was a gentleman’s pledge to honour the deal. Across the world, the British are known for our honesty and decency – it is a distinctive brand

How to ensure your chief exec avoids a ‘Jimmy Carr’

  Last week the media was in the midst of a tax avoidance frenzy, with comedian Jimmy Carr the focus of the tirade. While the headlines were about the tax issues, ‘stars who avoid tax are no better than benefit cheats’, the story began because

Is football holding women back from the UK’s boards?

This blog also appeared on The Huffington Post. Last week a handful of men experienced, at first hand, what it is like to be outnumbered at senior levels. The Women’s Business Forum attracted more than 420 high powered delegates from the UK and America. 

Is BP on the right track to change its diversity and culture?

“If you have two people who think alike, one is unnecessary” What a great quote! Linda Emery, Talent and Diversity Director at BP referred to this when I met her recently, following up on Bob Dudley’s invitation at the CBI Conference. In October