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Category: New to social media – tips

Life beyond 140? Twitter considers 10,000 characters and Ben was right!

This is my smug face. I’ve made some bold predictions in my time and this is one of those rare occasions when I get to say “I was right!” – I’m hoping few will remember my claim that Google+ will be the next big thing. Twitter is going to increase

Top ten social media predictions for 2016

Here I offer my ten predictions for social media in 2016, sharing the top social media trends and opportunities for business.

14 lessons from a small business selling overseas – from the start

We share our experiences and tips for small businesses to break into international trade. Read the blog on Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership website here. If you would like support to explore new markets and seek out exciting business opportunities

Reaching out to wider audiences – how to help researchers develop effective social media strategies

Catherine Manthorpe works at the University of Hertfordshire and after attending a one-day Training Gateway course on ‘how to develop a social media strategy’, led by Victoria Tomlinson, founder and chief executive of Northern Lights PR , has become

Nine reasons why your business should be blogging

Blogs have been a recognised marketing tool for a number of years now and I’d argue they are the most powerful way of promoting your business today. They’re also a hugely cost effective way for generating new business and raising awareness of your

A-Z of social media – 120 glossary definitions for content marketing and social media

Content marketing, blogging and social media are all now recognised as hugely important tools for businesses looking to acquire new customers, target key individuals and build relationships. However, this new digital marketing landscape is awash with

SEO is dead – content marketing is king!

Yes, it’s a bold headline and I suspect I’m now going to be bombarded by SEO specialists who will, quite rightly, condemn me for such a sweeping statement. However, content marketing – or writing quality and regular articles for online platforms

How can businesses use live video apps like Periscope?

Back in April I talked about how Periscope could benefit business as it was launched to the world. This new live video streaming app from the people at Twitter allows anybody in the world to broadcast what they are doing live, simply by using a mobile

Eight common social media mistakes – is your business guilty?

My last blog looked at Nine Steps To Build An Online Brand, offering a few simple steps to create a simple but engaging presence that will help business leaders to use the internet and digital technology to win new business. One of the key elements of

Retweet with comment is latest bonus for businesses on Twitter

The race to remain popular in the fickle world of social media is relentless and it fuels a constant tidal wave of updates and new features across every platform. However, Twitter have outdone most with eight updates and new features this year – four

10 awesome ways YouTube has changed our world in 10 years

Hard to believe, but it is YouTube’s tenth anniversary this year. Hard to believe because surely it’s been around for more than ten years? I was asked by a journalist the other day about the significance of YouTube. Here are the ten ways I think it

Should CEOs be on twitter? Why they should – and why they shouldn’t

The FT’s Maija Palmer recently looked at chief executives who are on Twitter. The article quoted Linda Bolg of Socialbro who said ‘I would personally always advise (the CEO) being on Twitter as it can raise the company profile’. It was great to