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Category: B2B social media

Does social media work for B2B businesses?

Guest blog by Mike Boswell, MD of Plastribution @polymerman A few months ago I was talking to Victoria Tomlinson at a Leeds University Management Division Advisory Board meeting and we got on to the topic of #social media and how our business was exploiting

Reaching key audiences with blogging

Blogging is a powerful tool for many businesses, organisations and brands.

How do I get more visitors to my website?

One of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked is ‘how do I get more visitors to my website?’

How to get your events and festivals viral on Twitter

Here I share my thoughts to get your event viral – or at least give yourself the best chance of good Twitter activity.

Are there risks to guest blogging and posting on LinkedIn? Tips on how to protect yourself against Google penalties

Guest blogging – writing articles to be posted on other people’s websites – is a really useful tool in the content marketing toolbox. And when it comes to content marketing, the more mentions and links the better. Increased reach, more exposure

Life beyond 140? Twitter considers 10,000 characters and Ben was right!

This is my smug face. I’ve made some bold predictions in my time and this is one of those rare occasions when I get to say “I was right!” – I’m hoping few will remember my claim that Google+ will be the next big thing. Twitter is going to increase

Top ten blogs of 2015 – and what we can learn from them

The end or start of a year is a good time to reflect, analyse and plan. This week I have been looking at the stats for our blog and seeing what I can learn from them and planning what we should do in 2016. A key task is to see which blogs are doing best,

Top ten social media predictions for 2016

Here I offer my ten predictions for social media in 2016, sharing the top social media trends and opportunities for business.

‘Digital is critical for the future of law firms’

At a recent event hosted by our client the Leeds Law Society, the heads of the legal sector in the UK came together to debate the future of the profession. It was a fascinating debate and one key element that emerged from the session was the need for

How did Northern Lights break into international trade?

Northern Lights broke into exports in just 28 days and used LinkedIn and social media to research the market, secure overseas meetings and sign its first international deal in the Middle East. Here, chief executive Victoria Tomlinson explains how Northern

14 lessons from a small business selling overseas – from the start

We share our experiences and tips for small businesses to break into international trade. Read the blog on Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership website here. If you would like support to explore new markets and seek out exciting business opportunities

A-Z of social media – 120 glossary definitions for content marketing and social media

Content marketing, blogging and social media are all now recognised as hugely important tools for businesses looking to acquire new customers, target key individuals and build relationships. However, this new digital marketing landscape is awash with