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Category: Sales

Does better customer knowledge deliver better profits? And what role does internal communications play with your customer?

I was recently asked to give a webinar for Worldmark’s management development programme on understanding the customer. As always, there is nothing like teaching others to remind yourself of all the things we should be doing in our own businesses.

Ten highly successful income generation ideas for your business

Here are a few of the tips and insights that I took away from Nigel Botterill’s masterclass. Give a talk about your own expertise and learn from it. Use your archive materials. Monthly newsletters need to be monthly. Information marketing has enormous

Five failsafe tips to ensure successful international webinars

Have you taken part in a webinar with half a dozen nationalities from China to Silicon Valley – and all the challenges of varying quality of internet connections? With flights grounded due to Hurricane Sandy and New York still not functioning normally,

Six guaranteed ways to sell more to your existing customers

It costs five to fifty times more to find a new customer than sell more to your existing customers.  We’re working with a lot of clients helping them to increase sales and this is nearly always one of the best places to start.  It’s a common fault

How do you get new business in Dubai from standing start in less than a month? Through LinkedIn. Here’s how

Earlier this year we decided to look at new markets – and to go to Dubai.  How do you go about researching and winning new business from an entirely new market?  Here is how we did it – from a standing start in mid January.  What worked?  What

5 things not to do on LinkedIn!

We’ve been running a number of social media workshops for our clients – and picking up stories of people running into trouble with LinkedIn because they didn’t know the rules before using it! So to spare your business similar embarrassments, here

Is BT behaving as a spy or a customer-focused business?

Foursquare: check in and check out of Facebook?

With Facebook receiving increased criticism for putting users’ privacy at risk, could new kid on the block Foursquare steal the social networking crown? Foursquare allows friends to track each other when they are out and about and is predicted to be

How do you make your business sparkle?

What does your business do to keep finding new ideas and staying ahead of your competitors? I’ve been picking up all sorts of tips in the last two weeks.  First was a new Innovation Club at Bradford University School of Management – I was asked to

Selling makes me cringe

‘Marketing is for failed sales people’.   I heard this comment at a client’s this week and was both shocked and intrigued at the same time. Coming from a product driven company with a highly professional and driven sales team, this is apparently

Tips for winning a tender

How girlie lunches have changed! I’ve been in London today with about 40 girlfriends and the chatter was not about ‘where have you been on holiday’ but sharing ideas to win tenders! Over the years we have invested a huge amount of time in doing