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Category: leadership

3 Essential LinkedIn Steps to Boost Your Career In 2016

‘Digital is critical for the future of law firms’

At a recent event hosted by our client the Leeds Law Society, the heads of the legal sector in the UK came together to debate the future of the profession. It was a fascinating debate and one key element that emerged from the session was the need for

How did Northern Lights break into international trade?

Northern Lights broke into exports in just 28 days and used LinkedIn and social media to research the market, secure overseas meetings and sign its first international deal in the Middle East. Here, chief executive Victoria Tomlinson explains how Northern

Could your boardroom ethics cost you £20bn?

For too long, the issue of ethics in the boardroom has been seen as rather fluffy or for the CSR department and not about core business. But in the last few weeks we have seen just what the cost can be. Martin Winterkorn, chief executive of the world’s

Digital disruption – how is it shaping companies and boards of the future?

What do companies of the future look like? And what sort of boards do you need to run them? From the discussions at a Heidrick & Struggles breakfast debate this morning, traditional corporates are struggling to think digital, disrupt their existing

What makes a good blog?

I ran a training day for a group of consultants last week, as the first stage of building their profile. Their homework was to print out a blog they follow and then tell us all why they like it. It’s a great way to get people thinking about blogs and

How to get more women on boards and in leadership roles?

The argument is won. Sort of. Most boards – whether enthusiastically or reluctantly – admit they need more women at the top of their organisation. Some because they know it just makes business sense, others because they look increasingly odd and out

7 lessons every business should learn from Ed Miliband his disastrous campaign

The country is in shock. Well, journalists and ‘commentators’ are because they all got the election so wrong. Their focus now is on who will take over, how did we get it wrong, can the polling industry ever recover – and of course (the most important)

9 top tips to facilitating and moderating events

Last night I got the most fantastic email from a client, telling me how all the tips we’d discussed for an event worked in practice! She was on such a high, had such great feedback from the event – and at the event was invited to speak at a very high

Should CEOs be on twitter? Why they should – and why they shouldn’t

The FT’s Maija Palmer recently looked at chief executives who are on Twitter. The article quoted Linda Bolg of Socialbro who said ‘I would personally always advise (the CEO) being on Twitter as it can raise the company profile’. It was great to

Where are the opportunities for 2015?

Get your board into technology Last week Sony cancelled the release of Hollywood film, The Interview because of computer hacking threats. The company has been slated for this decision – even by President Obama – not just for being weak but because

10 changes to increase female leadership in the UAE – and the world?

Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook says women have to ‘lean in’ if there are to be more women at the top. But what do other women believe needs to be done to create more female leaders? I was delighted to be the moderator for a Qiyadiyat evening discussing