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Category: Higher education

Students must be educated in social media

Are teachers and academics short changing our young people? In academic and educational circles, many have been slow to adopt social media – and there are still those who are dismissive of social media as a lot of silliness.  Perhaps an element of

Universities need to rethink what employability skills really mean

Universities need to teach different employability skills to ensure their graduates get jobs. Blogging, Twitter and LinkedIn are essential, as are knowing how to network and 'create' their own job opportunities.

Communicating academic research – does social media have a role?

There is no doubt that most academic research has little value if it cannot be applied in the real world. With greater scrutiny of the public purse and increasing tuition fees, it is more important than ever that academics and universities demonstrate

Where there’s a will, there’s a job – Internships, the way forward?

by Mohammed Waheed Did the Northern Lights internship help me? Was it worth the time and career development? There is only one answer to this question and it is a big resounding, YES!! Is it going to be worthwhile? I was a bit sceptical when participating

Northern Lights developed my Zeal for Online Marketing

by Shaeeb Tanwir, I was one of the interns on the Northern Lights PR internship during the summer of 2010 and learnt a lot from it; currently I work for a digital marketing agency called Zeal Digital and have found a lot of the skills I learnt during

PR in the Boardroom

Peter Finnegan and Filiz Ozakinci are the Chartered Institute of PR’s student reps at Leeds Metropolitan University.  They attended a guest lecture on ‘PR in the Boardroom’ given by Northern Lights PR’s chief executive Victoria Tomlinson as part

‘Dirty money’ needs to count for research academics

The government is on a mission to get universities and businesses working together. In October last year, Lord Mandelson spoke at the CBI’s summit on higher education, saying “….. universities will have to deepen and diversify their sources