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Category: Crisis communications

Top 10 media training tips for expert women – and men – giving media interviews

  Mrs Moneypenny of the FT asked this weekend ‘are you an adept user of social media?’  Since most of the FT’s readers are boardroom directors, I would anticipate the answer to that question would not only be ‘no’ but more likely ‘you

Social Media – How Petplan turned bad PR into great PR with an integrated internal communications and social media strategy

We’re always looking for examples of businesses that use social media well. Its immediacy can be both a blessing and a challenge in PR. One company that uses social media really well is Petplan. As a B2C pet insurance company, they have a great presence

Horse meat crisis part 2 – what about internal communications?

The horse meat crisis has now been running for a month. How time flies. Back in January, this blog looked at how Tesco had responded to the initial scare and what a crisis communications plan should look like. A question from a client made me

Tesco apology – how would your organisation deal with unexpected horse meat?

  Tesco has had a busy 48 hours.  On Tuesday, Irish food inspectors reported that their ‘value’ burgers had 30% horse meat in them.  By Thursday morning newspaper advertisements appeared in all national newspapers with an apology to their customers.

11 DWP workers sacked for using Twitter and Facebook – the shocking story of government internal communications?

Yesterday, 11 civil servants at Iain Duncan Smith's department for work and pensions were sacked for using Twitter or Facebook. The DWP’s website says it has 5,345 employees – so 2% of the department have been reprimanded, given written and final

This week’s PR blunders – and one outstanding success

There have been three shocking PR blunders this week that every student and practitioner of PR and communications should analyse.  But I also heard a media interview on Saturday which was a textbook case of how to own the interview, answer the question

3 ominous lessons from Prince Harry’s photos – employers and students take note

The real story of Prince Harry is – the photo.  Without that, there would not have been a story – and that is a lesson for employers and students. India Knight of the Sunday Times is spot on when she says today that “Harry has exposed our sins

Have you just graduated? Is your Facebook hindering or helping you to get a job?

Have you ever looked at your Facebook or Twitter profile as if you were an employer?  Would you recruit yourself? Jobhunting eBook on social media for students We have just written an eBook, From Student to Salary with Social Media, to help students

What are the social media risks and opportunities for professional firms?

What are the greatest risks from social media for law firms?  This was one of the topics I covered at a talk I was invited to give to the Professional Services Marketing Community in Dubai – as well as looking at the opportunities. Delegates were in

The City should listen to their communications teams

Many would say that the City of London’s reputation came out of the insurance market where a handshake was a gentleman’s pledge to honour the deal. Across the world, the British are known for our honesty and decency – it is a distinctive brand

How to ensure your chief exec avoids a ‘Jimmy Carr’

  Last week the media was in the midst of a tax avoidance frenzy, with comedian Jimmy Carr the focus of the tirade. While the headlines were about the tax issues, ‘stars who avoid tax are no better than benefit cheats’, the story began because

Social media for Managing Partners – opportunities and threats

Social media for Managing Partners – opportunities and threats Earlier this month, we were invited to speak at the Yorkshire branch of the global Managing Partners’ Forum. What are the issues worrying heads of professional firms?  Where do they see