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The Charity 100 Social Index: The link between social media strategy and financial strength of charities

Helen Standing posted this on

This infographic of the Charity 100 Social Index illustrates a six month study of how well charities are using social media and how this correlates with their financial performance.

Cancer Research UK comes out top for its combined brand strength and financial strength. As the infographic shows, it is not just volume that determines the success of a charity’s use of social media. Having its own social community and responding to others most important for getting the kind of social engagement that leads to donations.

The researcher Anne McCrossan says: “Behind the numbers, it’s possible to discern some trends and realities that cast doubt on whether charities are using social media to its full potential. For instance, the results suggest that whilst the majority of charities are now actively engaged in social media, charities’ involvement with users is being kept mainly at arm’s length. Only 21% of the charities in the top 100% have their own hosted community.”
This begs the question whether platforms like Twitter and Facebook will stand the test of time as a ‘middle man’ for brands looking for direct engagement with their target audiences. Some universities including Huddersfield are already starting to create their own platforms to give students a more tailored, personal experience.



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