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Tag: Social Media Strategy

Create a business blog: 4 steps to blogs that work for your customers and clients

Richard Abbott of Yorkshire Insider has asked a number of people across the region to write a tweet with our top tips for businesses to maximise social media. For those new to Twitter, a tweet is a message of up to 140 characters sent out to everyone

Five good reasons why Facebook is good for business

When we talk to clients about social media they usually dismiss Facebook as not being appropriate for their business. But if you are working with or targeting young professionals then you should certainly be considering Facebook as part of your marketing

Why are ‘mummy bloggers’ so influential? And what could professionals learn from them about social media for business?

Even if you don’t have children and rarely read blogs you’ve probably heard the term ‘mummy blogger’. It refers to parents (‘daddy bloggers’ are also now taking off in a big way) who blog about anything to do with their children. There are

Help – can’t cope with Twitter. 7 easy Twitter training steps for senior people

Senior people are struggling to understand and use Twitter.  Here are 7 easy Twitter training steps for senior people to get you started and be strategic.  Learn how to target potential new customers and build relationships with them – a new form

Just because I am “young”, doesn’t mean I know how to use social media in business!

Nineteen-year-old Tom is currently working at Leeds-based CMS Advertising. He recently attended a University of York two day master class in social media led by Northern Lights PR. Here, he reflects on what he learnt. Last month I attended the University

Social media and REF score: how universities are helping academics to increase engagement

The Guardian recently highlighted how public engagement for universities is changing. Engagement as a two-way process is now a necessary part of university research and the publication of academic work. But for many academics and researchers, it involves

How to write a top-ranked business blog

A good blog should be at the heart of any website or social media strategy. It should be engaging, helpful, thought provoking and give personality to your business. It will help drive visitors to your webiste, provide content for Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+

Are PR professionals going to get serious about strategic blogging?

In the last year we have been trying to recruit a senior member of our team.  We have interviewed in-house and agency PR people, journalists, social media specialists.  But very few are able to combine good old fashioned PR with online skills.  And

How to create a social media strategy for universities

If you are new to social media, where do you start? This is the challenge facing university departments across the world.  Earlier this month, I delivered a one-day course for the Training Gateway to help universities develop a social media strategy. 

Professional services firms and social media – too old at 50?

I was delighted to be invited as guest speaker at a dinner to discuss ‘Is social media turning Professional Services firms upside down?’. The debate is – or should be – relevant to businesses in every sector, but one comment has left me deeply

Keeping business communications alive over the holiday season

It’s that time of year again when half the country ups sticks and abandons Blighty for two weeks of sunburn, sangria and the squirts. Holiday season is upon us once again and that can present major problems for businesses of all sizes as they work to

How to use Google Analytics – and why you should

The last year has been a tipping point for businesses – few now dismiss social media as a nonsense, most are pretty enthusiastic about LinkedIn and most are using or trying to use other social media such as Twitter and blogging. But in the last

Eight common social media mistakes – is your business guilty?

My last blog looked at Nine Steps To Build An Online Brand, offering a few simple steps to create a simple but engaging presence that will help business leaders to use the internet and digital technology to win new business. One of the key elements of

Reaching out to wider audiences – how to help researchers develop effective social media strategies

Catherine Manthorpe works at the University of Hertfordshire and after attending a one-day Training Gateway course on ‘how to develop a social media strategy’, led by Victoria Tomlinson, founder and chief executive of Northern Lights PR , has become

Top ten blogs of 2015 – and what we can learn from them

The end or start of a year is a good time to reflect, analyse and plan. This week I have been looking at the stats for our blog and seeing what I can learn from them and planning what we should do in 2016. A key task is to see which blogs are doing best,