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Why Is Blogging Great For SEO?

Today we have asked Phil Byrne, one of the UK’s foremost Web optimisation experts, to give us his take on blogs and their importance to good SEO. Here are his tips for the day

Social media in business – how do I get my blog noticed on Google?

There are three parts to writing a good blog. Identify topics that your clients and potential customers will find helpful and answer questions on.  Write about them in an engaging and useful way.  And then get your blog noticed by the people you are

Why are good web designers and SEO advisers so hard to find?

This year has been one of great disappointment in finding and working with good web designers and SEO advisers.  It seems we are going through another cycle when the ‘techies’ are disconnecting with businesses. Why do we say this? 1.      

Were there any killer tips to improve SEO at the ThinkVisibility conference?

Were there any killer tips to improve SEO at the ThinkVisibility conference? In our pursuit to improve SEO (search engine optimisation) skills, three of the Northern Lights team attended the ThinkVisibility conference in Leeds this Saturday.  Thanks

8 easy steps to improve your search engine rankings

I mentioned that I have been on a social-media-holiday-reading-fest.  A key goal was for me to become better at SEO (search engine optimisation) for our own and clients’ blogs.  SEO is writing website and blog copy in a way that search engines can

PR Agencies: How sharing Press Releases can decrease your own and your client’s google ranking

PR agencies that share news bulletins and press releases online on behalf of clients could potentially be doing more harm than good. Recent developments in Google’s SEO ranking strategy (which aims to ensure more credible sources rank higher) mean that

12 Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Business

In my last blog, we had a brief look into the history of blogging and how bloggers are now major influencers in business:  Why B2B Can’t Ignore Blogging But what about writing a blog yourself? Taking things back to your business, the best way to control

8 Link Building Strategies to Promote Your Website

Jonny Ross, associate of Northern Lights PR As more and more companies are recognising the importance of their online profile and the potential benefits to be gained by digital marketing and social retail, interest in search engine marketing and SEO –

Google changed its algorithms this week – three steps to ensure your website is highly ranked

This weekend Google changed the algorithms that affect how your website is ranked on its search engine. If your rankings on Google have suddenly changed – this is why. These are probably some of the most significant changes Google has ever made –

Search engine optimisation training (SEO) – what is a good bounce rate for a website?

We have recently been asked this question by a client who has seen a slight increase in their bounce rate since we started to manage their blog. Bounce rate should not be looked at in isolation; it should be considered in the context of other metrics,

Top UK University Business Blogs for SEO

The university business blog is a relatively new phenomenon. While students themselves embraced social media early on, the universities at which they study took a little longer to see the engagement potential of blogging and social media.  My specialist

Are PR professionals going to get serious about strategic blogging?

In the last year we have been trying to recruit a senior member of our team.  We have interviewed in-house and agency PR people, journalists, social media specialists.  But very few are able to combine good old fashioned PR with online skills.  And

Professional services firms and social media – too old at 50?

I was delighted to be invited as guest speaker at a dinner to discuss ‘Is social media turning Professional Services firms upside down?’. The debate is – or should be – relevant to businesses in every sector, but one comment has left me deeply

Making the most of media relations

Northern Lights communications director Ben Pindar is a former journalist who has worked both at national and regional level. Here he shares his thoughts on how best to engage with the media. Legendary British publishing magnate Lord Northcliffe famously

Ten step guide to online reputation management – part two

In last week’s blog about online reputation management, I looked at the importance of online branding, how to check your online reputation and how to respond to negative comments. In this instalment, I dig deeper and look the rising tiding of cyber

SEO is dead – content marketing is king!

Yes, it’s a bold headline and I suspect I’m now going to be bombarded by SEO specialists who will, quite rightly, condemn me for such a sweeping statement. However, content marketing – or writing quality and regular articles for online platforms

Nine reasons why your business should be blogging

Blogs have been a recognised marketing tool for a number of years now and I’d argue they are the most powerful way of promoting your business today. They’re also a hugely cost effective way for generating new business and raising awareness of your

How do I get more visitors to my website?

One of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked is ‘how do I get more visitors to my website?’

How to get to the top of Google – Jaffa Cakes and Bake Off!

Last night I watched Bake Off and – no doubt, like millions of others – thought, why don’t I make Jaffa Cakes? Are they difficult?

The mindgames of sharing your competitors’ materials – own goal or goldmine?

It is always a good reminder of what puzzles or challenges them – and what is currently causing a lot of debate is about sharing competitor material.