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Tag: Reputation

Five good reasons why Facebook is good for business

When we talk to clients about social media they usually dismiss Facebook as not being appropriate for their business. But if you are working with or targeting young professionals then you should certainly be considering Facebook as part of your marketing

Ten step guide to online reputation management – part two

In last week’s blog about online reputation management, I looked at the importance of online branding, how to check your online reputation and how to respond to negative comments. In this instalment, I dig deeper and look the rising tiding of cyber

“Blogging opened doors and enhanced my professional reputation”

Guest blog by Sarah Burnett, Vice President at Everest Group, a management consulting and research firm focused on the development and execution of global IT and business services strategy. 1. When and why did you start blogging? I started blogging

What next for Theresa May and Luke Johnson? Rebuilding reputations after a crisis’

While Theresa May and Luke Johnson are at the extreme end of having a spectacular and very public fall after successful careers, there are lessons that can be drawn for anyone looking at what next after a long career.