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Tag: Personal Brand

Personal branding in social media – what should tweets (and LinkedIn/blogs) say about you?

This week Simon Cowell has been tweeting pictures of himself with his new baby.  Are these tweets changing his personal brand? What have you tweeted in the last few weeks – and what is your twitter profile saying about you?  Have you thought about

Ten step guide to online reputation management – part one

Andy Warhol was wrong when he said everyone in the future will have their fifteen minutes of fame. Today, we’re all famous, all of the time. Every aspect of our life is played out in the full glare of the social media spotlight and, while this new era

How to create your personal brand – and why it will get you promoted and on boards

  I have spent the last two years listening to women talking about their career aspirations, the barriers they face and the help they need to be recognised and win those board positions. One of the key things that has emerged is that few women are good

9 top tips to facilitating and moderating events

Last night I got the most fantastic email from a client, telling me how all the tips we’d discussed for an event worked in practice! She was on such a high, had such great feedback from the event – and at the event was invited to speak at a very high

Northern Lights in Abu Dhabi

Discover inspiring speaking events and workshop programs, learn to develop your personal brand and become a successful visible leader thanks to social media. Read the article in Madame Magazine March 2015 – page 50.  

Make-up and high heels – are they really better for business?

Some of our team here are adamant that we should all be allowed to dress as we want at work as long as it has a smart appearance and it is sexist to get women to wear make-up and high heels.

The mindgames of sharing your competitors’ materials – own goal or goldmine?

It is always a good reminder of what puzzles or challenges them – and what is currently causing a lot of debate is about sharing competitor material.

Reaching Your Career Goals in 2017

Are you someone who sets your new career goals? As your goals become more ambitious, you need more evidence and breadth of experience for the best roles. So by planning far ahead, you can think about the skills and track record you might need so you can

How to Write a Business Blog

How to write a business blog This blog appeared on the PRiME website – an online magazine for women in their prime. I have written a lot about using social media to become a thought leader, positioning yourself to win customers, promotion or speaking