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Tag: Networking

Learning from Linkedin

A lot of our clients don’t ‘get’ Linkedin.  They are great networkers, have a far larger contact book than they will ever put onto Linkedin and are regularly in touch with their contacts. What could they get from Linkedin? One of the answers is

More transforming social media tips

My last blog covered the tips I took away from the CIPR Northern conference. But I couldn’t cover all the gems I want to share with our clients in one blog.  So here are the follow on points on social media that every business certainly needs to be

Six tips on networking from the industry experts!

by Nafisa Shafiq, Intern at Northern Lights PR Another week of the internship has passed and this week the session that has interested me most was based on networking. I’ve not had any ‘real’ experience of networking, and Victoria Tomlinson’s

Run a dynamic internship – without the resources of a FTSE 100 corporate

It is Northern Lights PR’s 20th anniversary this year. To celebrate we wanted to do something new and different that reflected our values – had heart, made a difference and shared our PR skills. When Heather McGregor of Taylor Bennett told me

Skills 4 Work or Skills 4 Life?

by Liane Clarke, Intern at Northern Lights PR The final week of the Internship and as we prepare for our final presentations to Northern Rail, Hallmark, Bradford School of Management and Northern Lights, each of us is reflecting upon the internship and

Universities think PR exists in a fantasy land!!

by Mohammed Waheed, Intern at Northern Lights PR Student with high expectations When you attend university you think you are the “bee’s knees” and you will learn everything you need to know to be very successful in your future profession, however,

More BME PR practitioners – and one BME Prime Minister

by Gabriel St Aimee, Intern at Northern Lights PR Without intending to evangelise, PR is needed for the BME community, not just for diversity but for the industry – despite the current debate. PR could be used to alleviate the overly saturated careers,

How To Find & Submit To Blog Carnivals

Phil Byrne of The H2 Companyrecently mentioned Blog Carnivals in his guest blog for us. Phil has kindly written this follow up guest blog for us to explain more! When you hear the word ‘carnival’, music, dancing, games and costumes are probably the

How to recruit through LinkedIn?

‘Do you know any way to do recruitment on/via LinkedIn?’  I was recently asked this by a fellow PR professional – and it struck me it would be a good blog topic. For those still new to LinkedIn it is an online networking site.   Many people say

Ten easy ways to use LinkedIn for networking

This was the topic of my CIPR breakfast briefing for the Yorkshire & Lincolnshire group of the Chartered Institute of PR and we had an interesting mix of consultancy/in-house and private/public sector. What I found interesting was that comms professionals

A net of research catches a network

by Ahmed Riaz, Intern at Northern Lights PR You know the dos and don’ts of networking. But do you know the befores and afters? Being friendly and open to people you meet is all well and good, but that doesn’t capture them. Remember, research is bait

10 event organiser inside secrets to guarantee senior people attend events

“We send out so many invitations – but the right people never attend events.” It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, this seems to be one of the biggest challenges for marketing teams.  I have now heard this comment dozens of times just

The power of networking in large corporates – are your coffees strategic?

Over the last year I have run a number of sessions on networking, both for global corporates and for universities.  While the sessions for universities have tended to focus on networking skills for a job, and particularly on how to walk into a room full

Networking tips – making the most of business events

Networking events are a powerful tool in the business arsenal. Cold calls are exactly that, cold and inpersonal, but networking events and business conferences allow you to walk up to your target client and shake them warmly by the hand. You can start

Using LinkedIn to win business

LinkedIn is the undisputed champion of the B2B social media sector and is recognised as the most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century. But, how do you make the most of LinkedIn? How do you use LinkedIn to win business? How do you use LinkedIn to

How to plan a successful business event

The arrival of September means many things. The end of summer, a new school term, increasingly congested roads and the countdown to Christmas. However, in the business world it marks a return to activity after a holiday-induced lull in activity and also,

Can you network too much?

Am I doing enough with our existing network – which is both vast and has quality relationships in there? And could constant networking actually damage your business?

How to build an online community?

Reaching Your Career Goals in 2017

Are you someone who sets your new career goals? As your goals become more ambitious, you need more evidence and breadth of experience for the best roles. So by planning far ahead, you can think about the skills and track record you might need so you can

How to moderate (facilitate) a panel of diverse cultures

Working in Dubai, perhaps now the global hub of conferences, you can see first hand the challenge of creating a great event with very diverse cultures and managing issues from language to presentation styles. For a moderator (or facilitator) it can be

6 ways to use LinkedIn for a new career – for 50 and 60 year olds!

The other night I spent an hour with a lovely person who is 53 and looking for a new career. Let’s call her Martha. She is looking for a new job, a City finance role.  She’s also got ideas for a business and I was helping her look at options and

7 tips for “one of the best” webinars

Last night I watched a webinar about using LinkedIn to build your networks and business. Even though I deliver something very similar, you can always learn more. Despite having a keen interest in the subject, I nearly abandoned it after just five minutes.