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Tag: Marketing

Selling makes me cringe

‘Marketing is for failed sales people’.   I heard this comment at a client’s this week and was both shocked and intrigued at the same time. Coming from a product driven company with a highly professional and driven sales team, this is apparently

Is blogging changing the role of PR?

This. is the question that I have been asked today by a PR student.  She sent me the questions below to get my views for her dissertation. The questions reflect the confusion of many of our clients as to what is social media and where does it fit in

Foursquare: check in and check out of Facebook?

With Facebook receiving increased criticism for putting users’ privacy at risk, could new kid on the block Foursquare steal the social networking crown? Foursquare allows friends to track each other when they are out and about and is predicted to be

We need to add value to our website – Quick! Let’s add a news feed…

I have an ongoing love-hate relationship with accountants and accountancy firms that stretches back over 10 years. I’ve worked in software companies with products we marketed to accountants – Hyperion Solutions, Coda Group and IRIS Software – so

More transforming social media tips

My last blog covered the tips I took away from the CIPR Northern conference. But I couldn’t cover all the gems I want to share with our clients in one blog.  So here are the follow on points on social media that every business certainly needs to be

You Leave and you Learn

by Gabriel St Aimee, Intern at Northern Lights PR My first week as a PR & Marketing intern with Northern Lights has just ended and WOW!!! My Student Brain is fried. I have learnt so much but it can all be summarised into one theme- getting it right

Ten ways to Engage! an audience through social media – with thanks to Brian Solis

  I’ve been reading a book by one of the world gurus on social media – Engage! by Brian Solis. As you might guess from the title, it’s about engaging with your audience – as opposed to pushing messages out as corporates often do through their

Five good reasons why Facebook is good for business

When we talk to clients about social media they usually dismiss Facebook as not being appropriate for their business. But if you are working with or targeting young professionals then you should certainly be considering Facebook as part of your marketing

Open your eyes to using video to win business

A key theme at the recent Learning Technologies Exhibition 2011 (which I went along to with my client MyKnowledgeMap, a learning software and consultancy provider) was the use of video in learning, staff training and engagement, internal communications

How did the PR industry lose the social media battle?

I am so frustrated!  Why has our PR industry completely lost out in positioning ourselves as the natural leaders to advise clients on social media? I reckon it’s because we – and I include ourselves in this – have failed to get technical.   In

Where should internal communications sit – in HR or external communications?

This was the question that a client emailed me last week and it set me thinking.  My immediate response was, it has to be in external comms.   Then I started thinking about some companies where they have outstanding HR teams and it would sit more naturally

Professional services firms and social media – too old at 50?

I was delighted to be invited as guest speaker at a dinner to discuss ‘Is social media turning Professional Services firms upside down?’. The debate is – or should be – relevant to businesses in every sector, but one comment has left me deeply

Making the most of media relations

Northern Lights communications director Ben Pindar is a former journalist who has worked both at national and regional level. Here he shares his thoughts on how best to engage with the media. Legendary British publishing magnate Lord Northcliffe famously

Using LinkedIn to win business

LinkedIn is the undisputed champion of the B2B social media sector and is recognised as the most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century. But, how do you make the most of LinkedIn? How do you use LinkedIn to win business? How do you use LinkedIn to

6 marketing own goals of 2015

I know. We aren’t even two weeks into the New Year. Maybe it’s that post-holiday feeling, but in the last ten days I have found myself commenting on several poor marketing initiatives. It’s made me reflect on our own marketing activities – are

How will Periscope or Meerkat benefit business?

Two new contenders crashed onto the social media scene last week – Periscope and Meerkat. Both are live video streaming apps and their arrival is already being hailed as a revolutionary moment in the way we communicate with customers and with each other.