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Tag: Internal Communications

Open your eyes to using video to win business

A key theme at the recent Learning Technologies Exhibition 2011 (which I went along to with my client MyKnowledgeMap, a learning software and consultancy provider) was the use of video in learning, staff training and engagement, internal communications

Treat job applicants with courtesy – they can do your PR for you

It never ceases to amaze me how many businesses and organisations seem to see public relations as remote from other business functions.  It’s wheeled out on special occasions instead of being woven into every aspect of a business. Effective PR is as

Top tips for creating an employee social media policy

We have just written a free guide for employers on how to create a social media policy for their employees (and have a free breakfast event in Leeds on Wed 7 December on this subject) This guide is in response to a growing number of queries from our clients

Handling FOI requests – an opportunity not a threat to public sector comms teams

Last week, the CIPR’s Yorkshire and Lincolnshire group held a workshop for public sector communicators on handling Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. We ran the event in response to growing concern about the increasing volume of requests received

Reputation, reputation, reputation: The 3 key ingredients for crisis management in the social media age

In an age of 24 hour news and social media, everything you do is under scrutiny and corporate reputation is more precarious than ever. A top corporate headhunter recently told PR Week’s editor Danny Rogers that corporate affairs directors have gained

Can I sack my employee for Facebook comments?

By Andrew Rayment, partner, Walker Morris Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of being invited by Victoria Tomlinson of Northern Lights PR to talk at a seminar about employment issues and social media. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are hardly new,

Blue Monday – 3 steps to boosting employee morale by improving internal communications

Monday 16th January 2012 has been designated ‘Blue Monday’ – officially the most depressing day of the working year. Research by the University of Exeter estimates that low morale could cost businesses £93bn in lost productivity. So, instead of

Content is king: How social media has given greater credibility to communications in business

When I joined Northern Lights PR in January 2011, Victoria and the team were just embarking on a mission to prove ‘why you can’t ignore social media in business’. At that time, the consumer market was rolling out some creative, high volume campaigns

11 DWP workers sacked for using Twitter and Facebook – the shocking story of government internal communications?

Yesterday, 11 civil servants at Iain Duncan Smith's department for work and pensions were sacked for using Twitter or Facebook. The DWP’s website says it has 5,345 employees – so 2% of the department have been reprimanded, given written and final

Horse meat crisis part 2 – what about internal communications?

The horse meat crisis has now been running for a month. How time flies. Back in January, this blog looked at how Tesco had responded to the initial scare and what a crisis communications plan should look like. A question from a client made me

The genie is out of the bottle – social media is here to stay. Are you managing it or avoiding it?

Lucy Kellaway wrote in her FT column this week about the distraction of social media and her own ‘cyber loafing’ at work. She rightly points out that corporate response to internet abuse is ‘wildly inadequate’, with most companies relying

How to build a successful intranet for your company

Does your company have an intranet?  How useful is it? If your intranet is a useful and time-saving portal that you visit many times a day, then you’re in the minority. An effective intranet that is functional, easy to use and has been created with

5 reasons why PR must be linked to your core business

I am blazing.  Not for us, but a poor company that must have paid considerable money for a great PR idea – and then have the impact of their campaign lost into the ether. We are helping a client with an internal communications strategy and implementation. 

Why an internal communications strategy is so important for your business

I am in dispute. Rail company First Capital Connect and I aren’t quite seeing eye to eye at the moment. There have been a flurry of emails hurtling backwards and forwards and still we seem to be at cross-purposes! And the reason for this hive of activity

Making the most of media relations

Northern Lights communications director Ben Pindar is a former journalist who has worked both at national and regional level. Here he shares his thoughts on how best to engage with the media. Legendary British publishing magnate Lord Northcliffe famously

Managing mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are back on the business agenda. Businesses that have stockpiled cash during the recession are now looking to do deals and company owners who have held off on an exit during the downturn are now looking for potential buyers. However,

Keeping business communications alive over the holiday season

It’s that time of year again when half the country ups sticks and abandons Blighty for two weeks of sunburn, sangria and the squirts. Holiday season is upon us once again and that can present major problems for businesses of all sizes as they work to

How to write an effective newsletter

I’ve spoken a lot about the need for effective communication in our blog – both internal communications and external communications – and in this latest instalment I’m looking at the value of company newsletters. Newsletters are often overlooked

How do you make internal communications strategic – and achieve business results?

Last month I delivered a course for the CIPR on strategic internal communications – it is clearly a hot topic at the moment: I was brought in at the last minute as the course was over-booked and even my back-up course was full on the day! There were

How to tell stories in presentations

I am helping an organisation with their internal communications and we are trying to make their employee event more relevant and engaging for those attending. We are involving more employees and building in some interaction, but inevitably a number of

The 4 risks of mergers & acquisitions: can you avoid them?

This blog first appeared on Mergers and acquisitions are typified by power games – everyone wants to be on the ‘winning’ side – and excitability about the potential for increased profits. In this blog I want to look at the