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More transforming social media tips

My last blog covered the tips I took away from the CIPR Northern conference. But I couldn’t cover all the gems I want to share with our clients in one blog.  So here are the follow on points on social media that every business certainly needs to be

Ten ways to Engage! an audience through social media – with thanks to Brian Solis

  I’ve been reading a book by one of the world gurus on social media – Engage! by Brian Solis. As you might guess from the title, it’s about engaging with your audience – as opposed to pushing messages out as corporates often do through their

10 take-aways from the CBI conference to make you feel optimistic (mostly)

I was delighted to be the guest today of the CBI at their annual conference in London – representing higher education through Bradford University School of Management. David Cameron had apparently said he wanted to be ‘sunrise uplift’ from now on

How To Find & Submit To Blog Carnivals

Phil Byrne of The H2 Companyrecently mentioned Blog Carnivals in his guest blog for us. Phil has kindly written this follow up guest blog for us to explain more! When you hear the word ‘carnival’, music, dancing, games and costumes are probably the

10 tips for taking the plunge in (business) social media

We have today launched our free ebook, Why you Can’t ignore Social Media in Business. To those who have been tuned into social media for a few years, the book’s content and style will probably seem basic and old hat.  And if I’m honest, I am slightly

Social media in business – how do I get my blog noticed on Google?

There are three parts to writing a good blog. Identify topics that your clients and potential customers will find helpful and answer questions on.  Write about them in an engaging and useful way.  And then get your blog noticed by the people you are

Five Twitter features that would make life easier for business

  Twitter started life as a purely social tool.  It was quickly picked up in the consumer market and it is now being used in the business to business and professional markets. But Twitter hasn’t kept pace with what business users need to make

Driving traffic to your Facebook page: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Are you desperately trying to drive your customers to your Facebook page to ‘like’ it, take part in competitions, comment on your products and services and tell their friends about you? After all, they are on Facebook anyway so you might as well go

Why are good web designers and SEO advisers so hard to find?

This year has been one of great disappointment in finding and working with good web designers and SEO advisers.  It seems we are going through another cycle when the ‘techies’ are disconnecting with businesses. Why do we say this? 1.      

The five Facebook faux pas that could cost you a job

Guest blog by Sarah Larby The five Facebook faux pas that could cost you a job Like many people, I saw social media as a way of keeping in contact with friends, uploading photos and following trends and celebrities. However, having read Northern Light’s

Have you just graduated? Is your Facebook hindering or helping you to get a job?

Have you ever looked at your Facebook or Twitter profile as if you were an employer?  Would you recruit yourself? Jobhunting eBook on social media for students We have just written an eBook, From Student to Salary with Social Media, to help students

Google is changing – will keywords become obsolete?

Social media is now seen as a serious business tool - but business leaders are still not sure how to use it.

8 Link Building Strategies to Promote Your Website

Jonny Ross, associate of Northern Lights PR As more and more companies are recognising the importance of their online profile and the potential benefits to be gained by digital marketing and social retail, interest in search engine marketing and SEO –

Google changed its algorithms this week – three steps to ensure your website is highly ranked

This weekend Google changed the algorithms that affect how your website is ranked on its search engine. If your rankings on Google have suddenly changed – this is why. These are probably some of the most significant changes Google has ever made –

Journalist turned PR – how to fight back from negative press

This week, a new chapter opened in my career as I joined the fantastic team at Northern Lights PR as an account executive.  A ‘proper’ title for someone who trained as a journalist with Thomson Regional Newspapers where job titles were an irrelevance

New Northern Lights workshops guide way through social media maze

Northern Lights PR has launched a new series of workshops to help business leaders understand the nuances of social media and then use it strategically to target and win new customers. In the first workshop in Harrogate earlier this month more than 20

Ten step guide to online reputation management – part two

In last week’s blog about online reputation management, I looked at the importance of online branding, how to check your online reputation and how to respond to negative comments. In this instalment, I dig deeper and look the rising tiding of cyber

The death of Google Authorship

What should businesses do? Three years after creating Google Authorship to link content back to the original author and help improve search engine rankings, Google has announced via Google+ that it is dropping the much-loved tool. Northern Lights associate

What is the best social media platform? Part One

At every training session I host, I tell those attending to consider what questions their customers are asking so they can identify the key words they need to be using in their online and social content. By targeting these key words and phrases they can

7 reasons why we have all got to love Google+

Google+ was launched on 28 June, 2011 with Google determined to make this latest social media platform the new LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Skype all rolled in together. Yet three years on, few business people are really using it – and it is a

Ten top tips for Google+ – Part One

Google+ cannot be ignored and here I’ve shared some of the top tips I’ve picked up along the way to help you harness the power of this “sleeping” online giant.

Ten top tips for Google+ – Part Two

In part one of the ten top tips for Goole+ blog I talked about the unstoppable rise of Google+ and why every business should now be using it to improve their online profile. The blog looked at why Google+ is a powerful tool in ensuring you get to the

Where are the opportunities for 2015?

Get your board into technology Last week Sony cancelled the release of Hollywood film, The Interview because of computer hacking threats. The company has been slated for this decision – even by President Obama – not just for being weak but because

How will social media benefit professional services firms?

In a major new piece of research, Northern Lights has ranked Yorkshire’s leading law firms based on the strength of their online presence and asked how are law firms winning business online? As part of the research, Communications Director Ben Pindar

Nine steps to build an online brand

Today every business owner recognises the importance of a strong online brand – even if it’s still on the “to do” list. Finding you on Google and researching who you are is now an integral part of every customer’s buying process. Northern Lights

How do I get my business found on Google?

Customer questions are key when it comes to improving your Google search ranking and creating content for your website and social media channels. This latest video blog (vlog) from Northern Lights communications director Ben Pindar is in response to a

SEO is dead – content marketing is king!

Yes, it’s a bold headline and I suspect I’m now going to be bombarded by SEO specialists who will, quite rightly, condemn me for such a sweeping statement. However, content marketing – or writing quality and regular articles for online platforms

Nine reasons why your business should be blogging

Blogs have been a recognised marketing tool for a number of years now and I’d argue they are the most powerful way of promoting your business today. They’re also a hugely cost effective way for generating new business and raising awareness of your

7 ways for charities to increase membership

I have helped charities for most of my life – it’s how I got into PR! It is always a challenge to deliver all the things you want with limited resources; usually people and money. But in this last month I have spotted a number of opportunities that

The press release is not dead

Here at Northern Lights we’ve seen a rise in popularity of press releases once again and are producing them for a variety of clients.

How to get to the top of Google – Jaffa Cakes and Bake Off!

Last night I watched Bake Off and – no doubt, like millions of others – thought, why don’t I make Jaffa Cakes? Are they difficult?

The mindgames of sharing your competitors’ materials – own goal or goldmine?

It is always a good reminder of what puzzles or challenges them – and what is currently causing a lot of debate is about sharing competitor material.