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Is blogging changing the role of PR?

This. is the question that I have been asked today by a PR student.  She sent me the questions below to get my views for her dissertation. The questions reflect the confusion of many of our clients as to what is social media and where does it fit in

Social media case study

We have been commissioned to run a number of workshops for smaller businesses and have been looking for case studies about the benefits of social media and how it is being used.  Camilla Barnard at Rude Health talked to us about how they are using Twitter

Foursquare: check in and check out of Facebook?

With Facebook receiving increased criticism for putting users’ privacy at risk, could new kid on the block Foursquare steal the social networking crown? Foursquare allows friends to track each other when they are out and about and is predicted to be

Is BT behaving as a spy or a customer-focused business?

Six amazing social media tips to transform your business

OK, these tips may not exactly transform your business but they are very good.  And I’m following one of the tips myself which is to do better blog headlines. I’ve spent the day in Durham at the CIPR’s northern conference.   It’s not often

More transforming social media tips

My last blog covered the tips I took away from the CIPR Northern conference. But I couldn’t cover all the gems I want to share with our clients in one blog.  So here are the follow on points on social media that every business certainly needs to be

What do celebrity Kate Moss and African republic Rwanda have in common?

The Guardian reported this week that some of the world’s least democratic countries are turning to British PR firms for a reputation makeover.  The London office of PR firm Racepoint has been hired by Rwandan president Paul Kagame to spearhead a public

Gaming the (social media) system – consensual spam or the way to generate business?

I have been struggling with one aspect of social media.  Is it a good thing to have thousands of followers – on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and so on? When I started out in social media I was quite clear in my own mind that the aim should be about

Ten ways to Engage! an audience through social media – with thanks to Brian Solis

  I’ve been reading a book by one of the world gurus on social media – Engage! by Brian Solis. As you might guess from the title, it’s about engaging with your audience – as opposed to pushing messages out as corporates often do through their

Ignore bloggers at your peril when running PR campaigns!

Guest interview with Lee Hicken, Hebe Media Hebe Media ran a very successful social media campaign for Marketing Leeds in Barcelona earlier this year.  We’re always on the lookout for good case studies for our clients, so Lee Hicken kindly agreed to

Don’t get left behind! Even ‘dinosaur businesses’ are into social media

This blog first appeared as a guest blog for The Forum of Private Business, following their recent survey on the number of SMEs using social media.       Don’t get left behind!  Even ‘dinosaur businesses’ are into social media Do

Five good reasons why Facebook is good for business

When we talk to clients about social media they usually dismiss Facebook as not being appropriate for their business. But if you are working with or targeting young professionals then you should certainly be considering Facebook as part of your marketing

Customers complaining on Twitter and Facebook – how should you respond?

How many people do you tell if you’ve had poor customer service?  It used to be around 20, but that was before the internet. Now instead of simply telling their friends, disgruntled customers can turn to consumer forums and social media to leave feedback

5 key social media issues for the UK’s business leaders

I’ve spent the last two months writing a book, ‘Why you can’t ignore social media in business – practical tips and case studies’.  It will be available free to download from our website from early March. There are ten interviews with business

3 Eureka! moments for getting buy in for social media from your boss

Getting senior management to see why social media can help achieve strategic business goals is easier said than done. It can take years to build a strong social media network that generates real business leads and for risk averse organisations like Greater

Social media evaluation: Is getting comments on your blog still the Holy Grail?

Put your hand up if you regularly comment on blogs. What, not even those by people you rate that are well written, engaging and leave the debate open? Not even if you have been asked as an expert in the field to share your thoughts? The reality is that

Social media in business – how do I get my blog noticed on Google?

There are three parts to writing a good blog. Identify topics that your clients and potential customers will find helpful and answer questions on.  Write about them in an engaging and useful way.  And then get your blog noticed by the people you are

Communicating academic research – does social media have a role?

There is no doubt that most academic research has little value if it cannot be applied in the real world. With greater scrutiny of the public purse and increasing tuition fees, it is more important than ever that academics and universities demonstrate

Social media – friend or foe to employers?

A new report ‘Social Media and Employment’ is a must-read for employers, employees and graduates looking to find their first job. Produced for the Glasgow Employer Board, the report looks at the implications of social media on employment and recruitment

Social media is changing crisis communications – are you prepared?

I recently ran a short workshop on managing your online reputation for the Yorkshire & Lincolnshire group of the Chartered Institute of PR.   We had a mixture of in house PR practitioners and consultants working with clients across a number of sectors.

Driving traffic to your Facebook page: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Are you desperately trying to drive your customers to your Facebook page to ‘like’ it, take part in competitions, comment on your products and services and tell their friends about you? After all, they are on Facebook anyway so you might as well go

The Charity 100 Social Index: The link between social media strategy and financial strength of charities

This infographic of the Charity 100 Social Index illustrates a six month study of how well charities are using social media and how this correlates with their financial performance. Cancer Research UK comes out top for its combined brand strength and

Is your company at risk from your employees using social media?

This blog first appeared on the Chief Learning Officer Middle East – The Social Network Community for L & D and HR Professionals website Employers are in a dilemma.  How should they manage their employees’ use of social media? Many bosses

Students must be educated in social media

Are teachers and academics short changing our young people? In academic and educational circles, many have been slow to adopt social media – and there are still those who are dismissive of social media as a lot of silliness.  Perhaps an element of

The five Facebook faux pas that could cost you a job

Guest blog by Sarah Larby The five Facebook faux pas that could cost you a job Like many people, I saw social media as a way of keeping in contact with friends, uploading photos and following trends and celebrities. However, having read Northern Light’s

UCAS shows universities and businesses how to use Facebook for real customer engagement

A’ Level results are out.  Great excitement for some, disappointment for others – and uncertainty for large numbers.  Will their university of choice still accept them if they just missed a grade?  The hard work has started at both UCAS and

Have you just graduated? Is your Facebook hindering or helping you to get a job?

Have you ever looked at your Facebook or Twitter profile as if you were an employer?  Would you recruit yourself? Jobhunting eBook on social media for students We have just written an eBook, From Student to Salary with Social Media, to help students

Three year success plan for university students to get a job – with networking and social media

As bright students start at university this week – will they start using social media professionally to help them get a job in three years’ time? Lisa Bachelor at the Guardian points out the importance of ‘soft skills’ or ‘employability skills’

Google is changing – will keywords become obsolete?

Social media is now seen as a serious business tool - but business leaders are still not sure how to use it.

Social Media – How Petplan turned bad PR into great PR with an integrated internal communications and social media strategy

We’re always looking for examples of businesses that use social media well. Its immediacy can be both a blessing and a challenge in PR. One company that uses social media really well is Petplan. As a B2C pet insurance company, they have a great presence

Just because I am “young”, doesn’t mean I know how to use social media in business!

Nineteen-year-old Tom is currently working at Leeds-based CMS Advertising. He recently attended a University of York two day master class in social media led by Northern Lights PR. Here, he reflects on what he learnt. Last month I attended the University

Twitter – Tweeters warned about contempt of court – could your tweet land you in jail?

The attorney general, Dominic Grieve QC MP and the Lord Chief Justice for England and Wales the Lord Thomas yesterday published a revised judicial protocol and revised guidance on the disclosure of unused material in criminal cases. In plain English,

What is the best social media platform? Part One

At every training session I host, I tell those attending to consider what questions their customers are asking so they can identify the key words they need to be using in their online and social content. By targeting these key words and phrases they can

Top ten social media predictions for 2016

Here I offer my ten predictions for social media in 2016, sharing the top social media trends and opportunities for business.