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Keeping an open mind

In communications you have to keep an open mind and keep moving on. The media only want what is new and different. Technology is forcing the pace of change. And in our business we can never afford to dismiss the latest gadget or new ‘thing’. Instead

More transforming social media tips

My last blog covered the tips I took away from the CIPR Northern conference. But I couldn’t cover all the gems I want to share with our clients in one blog.  So here are the follow on points on social media that every business certainly needs to be

Social Media in Modern PR Communications

by Shaheeb Tanwir, Intern at Northern Lights PR PR & Communications- It’s a lot of things to a lot of people, but seldom accurately described. It’s a highly important, charismatic, and dynamic industry that demands the utmost respect from the

Run a dynamic internship – without the resources of a FTSE 100 corporate

It is Northern Lights PR’s 20th anniversary this year. To celebrate we wanted to do something new and different that reflected our values – had heart, made a difference and shared our PR skills. When Heather McGregor of Taylor Bennett told me

More BME PR practitioners – and one BME Prime Minister

by Gabriel St Aimee, Intern at Northern Lights PR Without intending to evangelise, PR is needed for the BME community, not just for diversity but for the industry – despite the current debate. PR could be used to alleviate the overly saturated careers,

Ten ways to Engage! an audience through social media – with thanks to Brian Solis

  I’ve been reading a book by one of the world gurus on social media – Engage! by Brian Solis. As you might guess from the title, it’s about engaging with your audience – as opposed to pushing messages out as corporates often do through their

Stepping out of the IT bubble into PR

by Naimah Sheikh, Intern at Northern Lights PR It’s already the end of the first week at the Northern Lights PR as an intern, and it has flown by. It’s been a challenging five days but we have laid the foundations of building new relationships and

Five failsafe tips to ensure successful international webinars

Have you taken part in a webinar with half a dozen nationalities from China to Silicon Valley – and all the challenges of varying quality of internet connections? With flights grounded due to Hurricane Sandy and New York still not functioning normally,

How to build a successful intranet for your company

Does your company have an intranet?  How useful is it? If your intranet is a useful and time-saving portal that you visit many times a day, then you’re in the minority. An effective intranet that is functional, easy to use and has been created with

Social Media – How Petplan turned bad PR into great PR with an integrated internal communications and social media strategy

We’re always looking for examples of businesses that use social media well. Its immediacy can be both a blessing and a challenge in PR. One company that uses social media really well is Petplan. As a B2C pet insurance company, they have a great presence

WonkComms, social media, and the power of a shareable idea

I recently attended WonkComms in the North: what’s the future of think tank communications? in York. I was there with one of my other hats on – representing regional charity, Involve Yorkshire & Humber* – to discuss tactics for communicating

Building social media into your stakeholder engagement strategy

Stakeholder engagement is considered by 82 per cent of senior communicators across Europe to be important to their organisation’s success, according to research by Brunswick Insight – and 90% expect the scope and scale of stakeholder engagement activities

Keeping business communications alive over the holiday season

It’s that time of year again when half the country ups sticks and abandons Blighty for two weeks of sunburn, sangria and the squirts. Holiday season is upon us once again and that can present major problems for businesses of all sizes as they work to

Why should SMEs consider PR?

New figures show the UK has now become the “self-employment capital” of Europe as soaring numbers of entrepreneurs set out on their own road to business glory. While this may be great for the economy, it presents a major headache for the growing number

How will Periscope or Meerkat benefit business?

Two new contenders crashed onto the social media scene last week – Periscope and Meerkat. Both are live video streaming apps and their arrival is already being hailed as a revolutionary moment in the way we communicate with customers and with each other.

7 lessons every business should learn from Ed Miliband his disastrous campaign

The country is in shock. Well, journalists and ‘commentators’ are because they all got the election so wrong. Their focus now is on who will take over, how did we get it wrong, can the polling industry ever recover – and of course (the most important)

10 inside secrets to winning an award – from the judges

This week 24 judges decided which entries would win the prestigious CorpComms awards – the magazine for corporate communicators. I was honoured to be asked to join them. Judging the work of your peers is thought-provoking. It challenges you to think

What is good design? Yellow, green and white-out are not!

I have got two pet hates in design at the moment – white out (where the font is in white against a coloured background); and the colours of acid yellow and lime green. The colours themselves are favourites of mine – for clothes.  But in my view,

It’s time for communications professionals to be confident

What is the role of a communications professional?

Theresa May’s gift to business leaders

Election results: Theresa May 'no intention of resigning' after losses

Leaders are failing their PR teams – agencies and corporates alike

Over the years, I have trained communications teams and professionals in everything from internal and crisis comms to social media and presentation skills. I must have trained hundreds in the last few years – and gosh, what insights. My big conclusion?