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Tips for winning a tender

How girlie lunches have changed! I’ve been in London today with about 40 girlfriends and the chatter was not about ‘where have you been on holiday’ but sharing ideas to win tenders! Over the years we have invested a huge amount of time in doing

Tony Blair

Scanning this morning’s papers, I see Tony Blair is believed to have been in discussions with Tesco to help them open offices in the Middle East. I do feel Blair is seriously missing some wise counsel around him – or totally ignoring it. Love him

Selling makes me cringe

‘Marketing is for failed sales people’.   I heard this comment at a client’s this week and was both shocked and intrigued at the same time. Coming from a product driven company with a highly professional and driven sales team, this is apparently

‘Dirty money’ needs to count for research academics

The government is on a mission to get universities and businesses working together. In October last year, Lord Mandelson spoke at the CBI’s summit on higher education, saying “….. universities will have to deepen and diversify their sources

How do you make your business sparkle?

What does your business do to keep finding new ideas and staying ahead of your competitors? I’ve been picking up all sorts of tips in the last two weeks.  First was a new Innovation Club at Bradford University School of Management – I was asked to

Foursquare: check in and check out of Facebook?

With Facebook receiving increased criticism for putting users’ privacy at risk, could new kid on the block Foursquare steal the social networking crown? Foursquare allows friends to track each other when they are out and about and is predicted to be

Help – I said yes to a radio interview

We need to add value to our website – Quick! Let’s add a news feed…

I have an ongoing love-hate relationship with accountants and accountancy firms that stretches back over 10 years. I’ve worked in software companies with products we marketed to accountants – Hyperion Solutions, Coda Group and IRIS Software – so

Six amazing social media tips to transform your business

OK, these tips may not exactly transform your business but they are very good.  And I’m following one of the tips myself which is to do better blog headlines. I’ve spent the day in Durham at the CIPR’s northern conference.   It’s not often

10 tips for taking the plunge in (business) social media

We have today launched our free ebook, Why you Can’t ignore Social Media in Business. To those who have been tuned into social media for a few years, the book’s content and style will probably seem basic and old hat.  And if I’m honest, I am slightly

3 ways to start a Twitter conversation

If Twitter is going to work for your business, you need to be strategic – don’t just open an account, follow your favourite celebrities and tell the world you’ve opened a bottle of wine. Identify businesses, journalists and influencers who could

Five reasons why The Apprentice does not remotely represent business – and five places where it does

I am writing this blog as the titles roll at the end of the second  BBC The Apprentice.  And probably like most business people across the country, despairing of this as any kind of representation of business. Where does it go so badly wrong? 1. Who

Social media in business – how do I get my blog noticed on Google?

There are three parts to writing a good blog. Identify topics that your clients and potential customers will find helpful and answer questions on.  Write about them in an engaging and useful way.  And then get your blog noticed by the people you are

Five Twitter features that would make life easier for business

  Twitter started life as a purely social tool.  It was quickly picked up in the consumer market and it is now being used in the business to business and professional markets. But Twitter hasn’t kept pace with what business users need to make

PR through the medium of cake baking

by Kulbir Sandhu, Intern at Northern Lights PR As somebody who has had some work experience of ‘in house’ communications, the first week of the programme has been an eye opener for many reasons. My objective before the internship started was to immerse

Does the BBC despise business? And why?

What is the best social media platform? Part Two

A social media guide that profiles the leading platforms and provides useful suggestions on how businesses can make the best use of them.

Digital disruption – how is it shaping companies and boards of the future?

What do companies of the future look like? And what sort of boards do you need to run them? From the discussions at a Heidrick & Struggles breakfast debate this morning, traditional corporates are struggling to think digital, disrupt their existing

Top university award for Yorkshire business leader

A leading Yorkshire businesswoman has been honoured with a Leadership Award by the University of Leeds for helping to shape a future of award-winning education and ensure student skills are relevant to business. Victoria Tomlinson, chief executive of

Uruguayan businesswoman coming to Leeds to share Latin American trade tips

A Uruguayan businesswomen who is an expert in Latin American trade is joining a host of Yorkshire exporters at a free breakfast event in Leeds on the eve of the Olympics to share her insights into international trade and urge companies to look beyond

Brexit – time to ignore the doom-mongers

If the UK was a business, you would be looking at the drama of the last ten days and say ‘it’s time to change tack and start focusing on what you do.  Stop the boardroom politics, grow up, get out there and win business and look after your employees’.

Retirement – the business risk that is never mentioned?

Retirement.  Is this one of the biggest unspoken risks in a business? In the last year I have been to a number of reunions, celebration dinners and parties and noticed that the conversation is increasingly revolving around retirement.  Since I am planning

Research reveals what Saudi leaders of the future need for Vision 2030

What skills will Saudi chief executives need over the next 15 years?  And what skills will ensure the Kingdom achieves its Vision 2030?  A leading international executive research firm has interviewed chairmen and chief executives of prestigious Saudi

Leaders are failing their PR teams – agencies and corporates alike

Over the years, I have trained communications teams and professionals in everything from internal and crisis comms to social media and presentation skills. I must have trained hundreds in the last few years – and gosh, what insights. My big conclusion? 

7 tips for “one of the best” webinars

Last night I watched a webinar about using LinkedIn to build your networks and business. Even though I deliver something very similar, you can always learn more. Despite having a keen interest in the subject, I nearly abandoned it after just five minutes.