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Should we let ‘Techies’ win the battle of blogs?

Website designers – the techies – say that your blog should not link to other blogs. These techies are understandably focused on driving traffic to websites and say  that if you include links to other people’s blogs (from your blog), then it is

Is BT behaving as a spy or a customer-focused business?

Run a dynamic internship – without the resources of a FTSE 100 corporate

It is Northern Lights PR’s 20th anniversary this year. To celebrate we wanted to do something new and different that reflected our values – had heart, made a difference and shared our PR skills. When Heather McGregor of Taylor Bennett told me

Gaming the (social media) system – consensual spam or the way to generate business?

I have been struggling with one aspect of social media.  Is it a good thing to have thousands of followers – on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and so on? When I started out in social media I was quite clear in my own mind that the aim should be about

Ten ways to Engage! an audience through social media – with thanks to Brian Solis

  I’ve been reading a book by one of the world gurus on social media – Engage! by Brian Solis. As you might guess from the title, it’s about engaging with your audience – as opposed to pushing messages out as corporates often do through their

Ten steps from Trust Agents to improve your social media engagement

What a great book – but I wish I had read this ages ago!  Even though I am only halfway through Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, I am already realising so many things we can tweak in our social media activities. The book starts slowly,

How To Find & Submit To Blog Carnivals

Phil Byrne of The H2 Companyrecently mentioned Blog Carnivals in his guest blog for us. Phil has kindly written this follow up guest blog for us to explain more! When you hear the word ‘carnival’, music, dancing, games and costumes are probably the

Where there’s a will, there’s a job – Internships, the way forward?

by Mohammed Waheed Did the Northern Lights internship help me? Was it worth the time and career development? There is only one answer to this question and it is a big resounding, YES!! Is it going to be worthwhile? I was a bit sceptical when participating

Become an expert in your field: 3 tips for using Twitter as research tool

In any field of expertise, you will find insights on Twitter that you cannot get elsewhere. The problem is that there is so much information. Twitter is now one of the world’s biggest search engines. There are various ways of searching for people, organisations,

3 Eureka! moments for getting buy in for social media from your boss

Getting senior management to see why social media can help achieve strategic business goals is easier said than done. It can take years to build a strong social media network that generates real business leads and for risk averse organisations like Greater

Social media evaluation: Is getting comments on your blog still the Holy Grail?

Put your hand up if you regularly comment on blogs. What, not even those by people you rate that are well written, engaging and leave the debate open? Not even if you have been asked as an expert in the field to share your thoughts? The reality is that

Five social media gurus who have disappointed – and four who restored our faith

The purpose of social media in business is to give your customers new and easy ways to talk directly to you; to share your expertise and help others; and build relationships with new people who might become customers one day. The most important aspect

PR Agencies: How sharing Press Releases can decrease your own and your client’s google ranking

PR agencies that share news bulletins and press releases online on behalf of clients could potentially be doing more harm than good. Recent developments in Google’s SEO ranking strategy (which aims to ensure more credible sources rank higher) mean that

12 Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Business

In my last blog, we had a brief look into the history of blogging and how bloggers are now major influencers in business:  Why B2B Can’t Ignore Blogging But what about writing a blog yourself? Taking things back to your business, the best way to control

Is it time for all senior executives to understand the principles of business-focused social media?

What percentage of senior executives – of UK FTSEs and corporates – would you expect to be on LinkedIn?  To be honest, I was trying to guess and couldn’t decide.  There are plenty of reasons for senior people NOT to be using social media, but

SEO is dead – content marketing is king!

Yes, it’s a bold headline and I suspect I’m now going to be bombarded by SEO specialists who will, quite rightly, condemn me for such a sweeping statement. However, content marketing – or writing quality and regular articles for online platforms

Nine reasons why your business should be blogging

Blogs have been a recognised marketing tool for a number of years now and I’d argue they are the most powerful way of promoting your business today. They’re also a hugely cost effective way for generating new business and raising awareness of your

Reaching key audiences with blogging

Blogging is a powerful tool for many businesses, organisations and brands.

Can you network too much?

Am I doing enough with our existing network – which is both vast and has quality relationships in there? And could constant networking actually damage your business?

3 amazing ways to generate B2B sales leads with social media

Are your sales teams and digital teams working together – you could be amazed at what happens when they do?! Here I share the various ways that social media should be supporting your B2B business development.