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Tag: B2b Social Media

PR Agencies: How sharing Press Releases can decrease your own and your client’s google ranking

PR agencies that share news bulletins and press releases online on behalf of clients could potentially be doing more harm than good. Recent developments in Google’s SEO ranking strategy (which aims to ensure more credible sources rank higher) mean that

How did the PR industry lose the social media battle?

I am so frustrated!  Why has our PR industry completely lost out in positioning ourselves as the natural leaders to advise clients on social media? I reckon it’s because we – and I include ourselves in this – have failed to get technical.   In

Universities need to rethink what employability skills really mean

Universities need to teach different employability skills to ensure their graduates get jobs. Blogging, Twitter and LinkedIn are essential, as are knowing how to network and 'create' their own job opportunities.

Reputation, reputation, reputation: The 3 key ingredients for crisis management in the social media age

In an age of 24 hour news and social media, everything you do is under scrutiny and corporate reputation is more precarious than ever. A top corporate headhunter recently told PR Week’s editor Danny Rogers that corporate affairs directors have gained

Can I sack my employee for Facebook comments?

By Andrew Rayment, partner, Walker Morris Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of being invited by Victoria Tomlinson of Northern Lights PR to talk at a seminar about employment issues and social media. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are hardly new,

Why are you bothering with LinkedIn?

In the last month I have been increasingly irritated with the growing number of LinkedIn invitations where the person has just used the standard invitation ‘I’d like to add you to my professional network’ in their email. I reckon in the last month

I’m in a mess with LinkedIn – what do you advise?

Last year I wrote an ebook on social media for business.  In it I outlined what I thought the rules should be for connecting to people on LinkedIn.  These are that they should be people who –          You do business with –         

How do you get new business in Dubai from standing start in less than a month? Through LinkedIn. Here’s how

Earlier this year we decided to look at new markets – and to go to Dubai.  How do you go about researching and winning new business from an entirely new market?  Here is how we did it – from a standing start in mid January.  What worked?  What

Content is king: How social media has given greater credibility to communications in business

When I joined Northern Lights PR in January 2011, Victoria and the team were just embarking on a mission to prove ‘why you can’t ignore social media in business’. At that time, the consumer market was rolling out some creative, high volume campaigns

What are the social media risks and opportunities for professional firms?

What are the greatest risks from social media for law firms?  This was one of the topics I covered at a talk I was invited to give to the Professional Services Marketing Community in Dubai – as well as looking at the opportunities. Delegates were in

Is it time for all senior executives to understand the principles of business-focused social media?

What percentage of senior executives – of UK FTSEs and corporates – would you expect to be on LinkedIn?  To be honest, I was trying to guess and couldn’t decide.  There are plenty of reasons for senior people NOT to be using social media, but

Google is changing – will keywords become obsolete?

Social media is now seen as a serious business tool - but business leaders are still not sure how to use it.

Dubai Eye – Interview Dubai female entrepreneur selected as BBC Expert Woman on social media and business

Click the link below to listen to an interview on Dubai Eye 1038 with Tim Elliott and Victoria Tomlinson about social media and business

How to measure ROI on B2B social media?

Looking back at when Northern Lights PR first started using social media – some six years ago – I have to say it was pretty much based on blind faith.  All of our team went to conferences and workshops and kept asking for the B2B case studies: 

Professional services firms and social media – too old at 50?

I was delighted to be invited as guest speaker at a dinner to discuss ‘Is social media turning Professional Services firms upside down?’. The debate is – or should be – relevant to businesses in every sector, but one comment has left me deeply

Keeping business communications alive over the holiday season

It’s that time of year again when half the country ups sticks and abandons Blighty for two weeks of sunburn, sangria and the squirts. Holiday season is upon us once again and that can present major problems for businesses of all sizes as they work to

Using LinkedIn to win business

LinkedIn is the undisputed champion of the B2B social media sector and is recognised as the most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century. But, how do you make the most of LinkedIn? How do you use LinkedIn to win business? How do you use LinkedIn to

How will Periscope or Meerkat benefit business?

Two new contenders crashed onto the social media scene last week – Periscope and Meerkat. Both are live video streaming apps and their arrival is already being hailed as a revolutionary moment in the way we communicate with customers and with each other.

Which Twitter features are really useful?

John Brandon’s 22 Twitter Power User Features to Give You a Social Media Advantage is a listicle that has really great content and new learning

Ten questions every board should be asking about social media

This week I was asked by RSM in Leeds to speak on digital transformation for charity leaders.  It’s always hard to know how to explain strategic social media to people who don’t understand it.  What angle do you start from?  I generally talk through

3 amazing ways to generate B2B sales leads with social media

Are your sales teams and digital teams working together – you could be amazed at what happens when they do?! Here I share the various ways that social media should be supporting your B2B business development.