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Students told to clean up their twitter profiles if they want work

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Recent news about Twitter trolls targeting Tom Daley and Kirstie Allsop shows that teenagers don’t have a clue about the long term impact of their online actions.  Academics, teachers, parents and career advisers are usually not social media savvy themselves so don’t know how to help.

A new ebook “From Student to Salary with Social Media” by PR expert Victoria Tomlinson advises young people to clean up their social media profiles if they want to find a job.    

Sarah Larby, classics student at Newcastle University, read the ebook and said:  “It’s helped me to see where I was going wrong with my online profiles – and how to change and improve them. I’d never seen Twitter as a way of targeting and interacting with businesses but this book explains it’s an easy way to generate a relationship with a business you are interested in.”


From Student to Salary with Social Media is available on Facebook, Amazon and Smashwords.


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