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Reaching out to wider audiences – how to help researchers develop effective social media strategies

Catherine Manthorpe works at the University of Hertfordshire and after attending a one-day Training Gateway course on ‘how to develop a social media strategy’, led by Victoria Tomlinson, founder and chief executive of Northern Lights PR , has become

A-Z of social media – 120 glossary definitions for content marketing and social media

Content marketing, blogging and social media are all now recognised as hugely important tools for businesses looking to acquire new customers, target key individuals and build relationships. However, this new digital marketing landscape is awash with

Eight common social media mistakes – is your business guilty?

My last blog looked at Nine Steps To Build An Online Brand, offering a few simple steps to create a simple but engaging presence that will help business leaders to use the internet and digital technology to win new business. One of the key elements of

How will social media benefit professional services firms?

In a major new piece of research, Northern Lights has ranked Yorkshire’s leading law firms based on the strength of their online presence and asked how are law firms winning business online? As part of the research, Communications Director Ben Pindar

The potential of Social Media for B2B in 2015

Keith Tully at Real Business Rescue has created this infographic to demonstrate how companies are using social media to improve their profile, build relationships and, most importantly, win new business. His insights show that social media will continue

Is Google+ the future of social media?

This is it – I’m putting my neck on the line and I’m making a decision about whether Google+ will shutdown or whether Google+ will become bigger than Facebook. I’ve spent many months understanding and learning to love this platform and then developing

Managing social media at the office party

Office parties in the holiday season are an important part of rewarding and motivating staff, but in the social media age they can be fraught with potential pitfalls for damaging your brand and causing costly employment issues. With staff’s lives now

How employers are using social media to find students

Victoria Tomlinson of Northern Lights had two speaking slots at the University of Southampton’s HealthPharma Conference in the summer.  The first one was talking to students about how employers are using social media – both to check out behaviours

What is the best social media platform? Part Two

A social media guide that profiles the leading platforms and provides useful suggestions on how businesses can make the best use of them.

Research, Social Media and REF impact #HealthPharma

Victoria Tomlinson of Northern Lights was guest speaker at the University of Southampton’s HealthPharma Conference in the summer.  Here she talks about how social media can help academics to demonstrate and improve significance and reach of their research