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Our free ‘no-nonsense’ guides give you the tools and techniques needed to get off the ground. We also offer consultancy support and training workshops to help implement them.

How to write a top-ranked business blog

A good blog should be at the heart of any website or social media strategy. It should be engaging, helpful, thought provoking and give personality to your business. This ebook will give you all the secrets to writing a great business or academic blog. It will help you overcome that initial fear and writer’s block. And it is packed with tips and advice from other bloggers.

Research Yorkshire’s Top 100 Legal Firms

Find out which Yorkshire law firms are winning the most business from their website.

Research Women Leaders – Stepping out of the shadows

This report looks at the conversations we have had – with more than 1,000 senior women in the UK and the UAE – whether women want a media profile and in the process discovered some of the secrets of what they really want.

Tips for creating a Social Media Policy

Here are our tips for developing an employee social media policy that will both protect and add value to your business.

Ebook Why you can’t ignore Social Media in Business

This book is written for anyone who wants to know how social media is relevant in the B2B market and how to go about it.

Ebook Social Media in Mental Health Practice

This ebook sets out the kinds of opportunities that social media presents for health and social care practitioners working in mental health services. Victoria Betton, deputy director of strategy and partnerships at Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, and Victoria Tomlinson, chief executive of Northern Lights PR, are co-authors of “Social Media in Mental Health Practice: online network tools for recovery and living well”.

Ebook from Student to Salary with Social Media

Guide for students and careers advisers on how to use social media for job hunting. Practical and action-based it is packed with employer case studies, headhunter insights and tips to get going.

Eguide Social Media for Housing Associations

From social media channels like Twitter and Facebook through to co-production and community based social marketing there are seemingly endless ways to engage with communities, residents and tenants. With so many channels available, how do housing associations, local authorities and other organisations decide which will be effective and truly engage residents?

Eguide Social Media for Wedding Venues

For most castles, hotels and attractions a wedding booking is a lucrative deal. Just one or two more additional weddings a year can make a difference to the bottom line. This e-guide shows how social media is being used for those putting on weddings. While specific to wedding venues and those in the wedding industry, there are lessons in here for any business.