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Category: TV

How do you evaluate Christmas TV ads – warm glow or hard sales?

Last week my daughter emailed me with a link and message saying ‘cutest ad ever’.  It was!  It was the Heathrow Airport teddies Christmas ad (click on the link below and you might need a hankie). However, I had just got back from delivering a CIPR

This week’s PR blunders – and one outstanding success

There have been three shocking PR blunders this week that every student and practitioner of PR and communications should analyse.  But I also heard a media interview on Saturday which was a textbook case of how to own the interview, answer the question

How to ensure your chief exec avoids a ‘Jimmy Carr’

  Last week the media was in the midst of a tax avoidance frenzy, with comedian Jimmy Carr the focus of the tirade. While the headlines were about the tax issues, ‘stars who avoid tax are no better than benefit cheats’, the story began because

Five reasons why The Apprentice does not remotely represent business – and five places where it does

I am writing this blog as the titles roll at the end of the second  BBC The Apprentice.  And probably like most business people across the country, despairing of this as any kind of representation of business. Where does it go so badly wrong? 1. Who

The recession is kind to good businesses – and cruel to the poor ones. What can you do in a recession to be great?

René Carayol was the inspiration at this year’s Yorkshire International Business Convention (YIBC). The headlines were all about Brian Blessed – and you have to admire the fact that this famous actor climbed Mounts Everest and Ararat in his 60s and