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Category: Promotions

How to write a winning award entry

This blog first appeared on PRCA Mena. I have been helping a number of clients to write award entries recently and noticed one area where everyone seems to have a block.  Passion and excitement over-rides results. It’s not that they don’t mention

9 steps for successful podcasting

Podcasts are on the rise as a tool for businesses and organisations, and they can be a great way of delivering insights and drawing in clients or consumers to your brand or company. Listenership of podcasts has grown steadily in recent years with focusbiz

The BBC gender pay gap – can women negotiate as well as men?

Last week the BBC published its list of ‘star salaries’ and caused a furore on the shocking gender pay gap. In all the discussions, however, no-one is looking at one aspect of women at work – their ability to negotiate pay and believe in their worth. 

How to build an online community?

How do you evaluate Christmas TV ads – warm glow or hard sales?

Last week my daughter emailed me with a link and message saying ‘cutest ad ever’.  It was!  It was the Heathrow Airport teddies Christmas ad (click on the link below and you might need a hankie). However, I had just got back from delivering a CIPR

Four lessons Boaty McBoatface can teach us about online campaigns

The saga of Boaty McBoatface has gripped the world for several weeks now and few could have failed to have missed it. It’s a tale of internet silliness butting heads with serious institutions amid a viral campaign that ran amok and generated acres of

How to get your events and festivals viral on Twitter

Here I share my thoughts to get your event viral – or at least give yourself the best chance of good Twitter activity.

The Apple Watch arrives – but what are the implications of wearable technology for business?

Perhaps the biggest issue for wearable technology is how they will impact on businesses. Such devices raise a number of questions, ranging from should they even be allowed in the workplace to how will they transform the way we communicate and work together,

How to become an Amazon bestseller in 2 days

We decided to see if we could become an Amazon bestseller when we launched our new ebook, How to Write a Top-Ranked Business Blog. Here we share how we did it.

Empty seats at the Olympics – what lessons for corporate sponsorship and entertaining?

The pictures of empty seats at the Olympics will no doubt resonate with many a business that struggled to fill seats at their own events. I’ve always said to clients and contacts that I’m happy to be asked to dinners or events at the last minute –

10 powerful tools to increase sales through Twitter – with thanks to Joel Comm

I’ve just spent two weeks on holiday with a pile of books on social media for business.  I really want to sharpen up the results that can be achieved for our clients and improve our technical knowledge. So far, I’m finding two thirds of each book

Five good reasons why Facebook is good for business

When we talk to clients about social media they usually dismiss Facebook as not being appropriate for their business. But if you are working with or targeting young professionals then you should certainly be considering Facebook as part of your marketing