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Category: Personal brand

LinkedIn profiles – first or third person?!

    How should you write your LinkedIn profile? First person – I am the UK’s leading authority on … Or Third person – John Smith is the UK’s leading authority on …     There is no definitive right or wrong answer and we

Nine steps to build an online brand

Today every business owner recognises the importance of a strong online brand – even if it’s still on the “to do” list. Finding you on Google and researching who you are is now an integral part of every customer’s buying process. Northern Lights

9 top tips to facilitating and moderating events

Last night I got the most fantastic email from a client, telling me how all the tips we’d discussed for an event worked in practice! She was on such a high, had such great feedback from the event – and at the event was invited to speak at a very high

How to create your personal brand – and why it will get you promoted and on boards

  I have spent the last two years listening to women talking about their career aspirations, the barriers they face and the help they need to be recognised and win those board positions. One of the key things that has emerged is that few women are good