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Category: Personal brand

Reaching Your Career Goals in 2017

Are you someone who sets your new career goals? As your goals become more ambitious, you need more evidence and breadth of experience for the best roles. So by planning far ahead, you can think about the skills and track record you might need so you can

8 things Kim Kardashian teaches us about staying safe on social media

Kim Kardashian is famous for attempting to “break the internet” with a barrage of risqué images and by laying her life bare through social media and the hit show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. However, it wasn’t her world-famous anatomy that

Make-up and high heels – are they really better for business?

Some of our team here are adamant that we should all be allowed to dress as we want at work as long as it has a smart appearance and it is sexist to get women to wear make-up and high heels.

What is good design? Yellow, green and white-out are not!

I have got two pet hates in design at the moment – white out (where the font is in white against a coloured background); and the colours of acid yellow and lime green. The colours themselves are favourites of mine – for clothes.  But in my view,

Reaching key audiences with blogging

Blogging is a powerful tool for many businesses, organisations and brands.

Two words to transform your business

In the last month, three former clients have randomly told me that my catchphrase now underpins everything they do in their job. So I thought I would share them with you and transform your business. Just two very small words. So what? Yes, ‘so

Top 20 Business Blogs for Women Over 50

I recently wrote How to Write an Awesome Business Blog – which triggered a request to give examples of what I think are great business blogs.

How to Write an Awesome Business Blog

How to write an awesome business blog This blog appeared on the PRiME webiste – an online magazine for women in their prime. I have written a lot about using social media to become a thought leader, positioning yourself to win customers, promotion

9 tips for presentations ‘in the round’

  This week I supported our client, Pat Chapman-Pincher, to do her first big speech ‘in the round’. This is where the stage is round (surprisingly!) and in the centre of the room with tables and seating surrounding it. My colleague Ben, who used

LinkedIn profiles – first or third person?!

    How should you write your LinkedIn profile? First person – I am the UK’s leading authority on … Or Third person – John Smith is the UK’s leading authority on …     There is no definitive right or wrong answer and we

Nine steps to build an online brand

Today every business owner recognises the importance of a strong online brand – even if it’s still on the “to do” list. Finding you on Google and researching who you are is now an integral part of every customer’s buying process. Northern Lights

9 top tips to facilitating and moderating events

Last night I got the most fantastic email from a client, telling me how all the tips we’d discussed for an event worked in practice! She was on such a high, had such great feedback from the event – and at the event was invited to speak at a very high