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Category: Next Up

The nightmare of becoming a PR client

After 30+ years working in PR – in-house and then setting up and running Northern Lights – we launched Next-Up last year, a business to help people use their skills and find opportunities in unretirement. Initially Next-Up was far more of a consumer

How do you stay young and relevant in your 60s? (and 70s and 80s!)

This blog first appeared on Prime Women I mentioned before that we’ve been helping people to find purpose in, and enjoy, their ‘unretirement’. So it set me thinking. How can you stay young in mind, up-to-date and relevant once you have left full-time

The 10 Stages to Enjoying Your “Unretirement”

This blog first appeared on Over the last few years, my business has been helping a lot of people who are coming up to ‘retirement’ – I use the word retirement cautiously, because the last thing they actually want to do is retire.