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Category: Media skills

Theresa May’s gift to business leaders

Election results: Theresa May 'no intention of resigning' after losses

Can you network too much?

Am I doing enough with our existing network – which is both vast and has quality relationships in there? And could constant networking actually damage your business?

The press release is not dead

Here at Northern Lights we’ve seen a rise in popularity of press releases once again and are producing them for a variety of clients.

9 tips for presentations ‘in the round’

  This week I supported our client, Pat Chapman-Pincher, to do her first big speech ‘in the round’. This is where the stage is round (surprisingly!) and in the centre of the room with tables and seating surrounding it. My colleague Ben, who used

10 tips for media interviews – don’t forget the microphone is on Prime Minister…

Granted, Yorkshire can be a bit tribal but (as a Yorkshireman) I can say we pride ourselves on being the friendliest people in the world. So, when Prime Minister David Cameron was caught on microphone joking that Yorkshire people “hated each other”,

‘SORRY can be a hard word for corporations to say’ – The Economist

Earlier this week I heard one of the most inspiring leadership interviews on the radio ever (go to 2.18 on the link). And the issue he addressed was one that every business needs to think about. John McEwan, now chief executive of the UK’s largest travel

Managing social media at the office party

Office parties in the holiday season are an important part of rewarding and motivating staff, but in the social media age they can be fraught with potential pitfalls for damaging your brand and causing costly employment issues. With staff’s lives now

Making the most of silly season – managing your PR during summer holidays

The holiday season is upon us once again and that means it’s time for a swathe of “silly season” stories throughout the media. However, this can present significant opportunities for businesses to secure PR coverage and demonstrate their expertise.

Keeping business communications alive over the holiday season

It’s that time of year again when half the country ups sticks and abandons Blighty for two weeks of sunburn, sangria and the squirts. Holiday season is upon us once again and that can present major problems for businesses of all sizes as they work to

Making the most of media relations

Northern Lights communications director Ben Pindar is a former journalist who has worked both at national and regional level. Here he shares his thoughts on how best to engage with the media. Legendary British publishing magnate Lord Northcliffe famously

Professional services firms and social media – too old at 50?

I was delighted to be invited as guest speaker at a dinner to discuss ‘Is social media turning Professional Services firms upside down?’. The debate is – or should be – relevant to businesses in every sector, but one comment has left me deeply

Public Speaking – Are Women and Men Really Different?

Guest blog by Rosalind Adler and Lea Sellers of Media Skills for Women, which offers communication and media skills courses designed to boost confidence for women when they speak in public or face the media. Rosalind is an actress and communication skills