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Category: Higher education

8 essential placement interview tips for students

Last month I spent the day at Lancaster University, helping first year students in the management school with interview practice for their placements. I did this as part of my contribution as an Honorary Teaching Fellow for the university. I interviewed

Can you network too much?

Am I doing enough with our existing network – which is both vast and has quality relationships in there? And could constant networking actually damage your business?

Reaching out to wider audiences – how to help researchers develop effective social media strategies

Catherine Manthorpe works at the University of Hertfordshire and after attending a one-day Training Gateway course on ‘how to develop a social media strategy’, led by Victoria Tomlinson, founder and chief executive of Northern Lights PR , has become

Five forms of social media anxiety – and what to do about them

Catherine Manthorpe works at the University of Hertfordshire and has been exploring how academics use social media to support their research.  She has noticed that there is a broad divide between those that have enthusiastically embraced social media

Impact and the REF – and the role of social media for economic and social impact

What is academic research for?  As a REF manager recently said “This is not a question that academics have had to consider in the past.  Measuring impact is a completely new concept.” The rules of how the UK government funds research have changed. 

How to create a social media strategy for universities

If you are new to social media, where do you start? This is the challenge facing university departments across the world.  Earlier this month, I delivered a one-day course for the Training Gateway to help universities develop a social media strategy. 

Were our universities right – ‘social media is a modern obstruction to gainful employment’?

Emily Knowles is a media studies graduate working in PR and copywriting. After finishing my degree in 2011, my prospects of finding a decent entry-level job looked bleak.  My marks were all right, but not outstanding, and the last sports award I won

Should Schools and Colleges Teach Social Media?

I’ve recently been helping schools and colleges with their social media marketing. In May, I was invited to speak about social media at the 2012 AMDIS Conference – the annual conference of The Association for Marketing and Development in Independent

3 ominous lessons from Prince Harry’s photos – employers and students take note

The real story of Prince Harry is – the photo.  Without that, there would not have been a story – and that is a lesson for employers and students. India Knight of the Sunday Times is spot on when she says today that “Harry has exposed our sins

Have you just graduated? Is your Facebook hindering or helping you to get a job?

Have you ever looked at your Facebook or Twitter profile as if you were an employer?  Would you recruit yourself? Jobhunting eBook on social media for students We have just written an eBook, From Student to Salary with Social Media, to help students

UCAS shows universities and businesses how to use Facebook for real customer engagement

A’ Level results are out.  Great excitement for some, disappointment for others – and uncertainty for large numbers.  Will their university of choice still accept them if they just missed a grade?  The hard work has started at both UCAS and

The five Facebook faux pas that could cost you a job

Guest blog by Sarah Larby The five Facebook faux pas that could cost you a job Like many people, I saw social media as a way of keeping in contact with friends, uploading photos and following trends and celebrities. However, having read Northern Light’s