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Category: Google

Where are the opportunities for 2015?

Get your board into technology Last week Sony cancelled the release of Hollywood film, The Interview because of computer hacking threats. The company has been slated for this decision – even by President Obama – not just for being weak but because

Ten top tips for Google+ – Part Two

In part one of the ten top tips for Goole+ blog I talked about the unstoppable rise of Google+ and why every business should now be using it to improve their online profile. The blog looked at why Google+ is a powerful tool in ensuring you get to the

Ten top tips for Google+ – Part One

Google+ cannot be ignored and here I’ve shared some of the top tips I’ve picked up along the way to help you harness the power of this “sleeping” online giant.

7 reasons why we have all got to love Google+

Google+ was launched on 28 June, 2011 with Google determined to make this latest social media platform the new LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Skype all rolled in together. Yet three years on, few business people are really using it – and it is a

How to use Google Analytics – and why you should

The last year has been a tipping point for businesses – few now dismiss social media as a nonsense, most are pretty enthusiastic about LinkedIn and most are using or trying to use other social media such as Twitter and blogging. But in the last

What is the best social media platform? Part Two

A social media guide that profiles the leading platforms and provides useful suggestions on how businesses can make the best use of them.

What is the best social media platform? Part One

At every training session I host, I tell those attending to consider what questions their customers are asking so they can identify the key words they need to be using in their online and social content. By targeting these key words and phrases they can

The death of Google Authorship

What should businesses do? Three years after creating Google Authorship to link content back to the original author and help improve search engine rankings, Google has announced via Google+ that it is dropping the much-loved tool. Northern Lights associate

Using LinkedIn to win business

LinkedIn is the undisputed champion of the B2B social media sector and is recognised as the most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century. But, how do you make the most of LinkedIn? How do you use LinkedIn to win business? How do you use LinkedIn to

How to make great video clips for YouTube – 11 examples of the best and worst

Last week I spotted a great post by Lloyd Pearson on the PM Forum LinkedIn group (Professional Marketing) saying ‘A plea to Legal Marketers – please don’t do this’.   He linked to the video clip below, which he says ‘parodies the modern corporate

How to create a social media strategy for universities

If you are new to social media, where do you start? This is the challenge facing university departments across the world.  Earlier this month, I delivered a one-day course for the Training Gateway to help universities develop a social media strategy. 

Social media audits for corporates and universities: Part one

The B2B and academic worlds have been slower, on the whole, than B2C to see the potential of social media for driving brand engagement, building strategic relationships and establishing influence and thought leadership – both online and offline. However,