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Category: Crisis communications

Open journalism – now you REALLY can’t ignore social media in business

At the beginning of March, the Guardian released its new TV advert. We’ve since used the YouTube clip of the ad in client meetings, workshops and LinkedIn discussions to help illustrate how the media landscape is changing – and show senior professionals

What if the media spotlight turned on your school – how would you communicate in a crisis?

A disaster on a school trip is every head’s worst nightmare.  You are trying to cope with anxious parents while journalists and photographers are camped outside the school gates. Every year we see national newspaper headlines about students injured

Can I sack my employee for Facebook comments?

By Andrew Rayment, partner, Walker Morris Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of being invited by Victoria Tomlinson of Northern Lights PR to talk at a seminar about employment issues and social media. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are hardly new,

Taking the fear out of media interviews

Looking back through Northern Lights’ blogs I see I started the year talking about how to work with journalists. It’s a theme I have come back to because throughout the last 12 months I have met so many people who are afraid of media interviews. Even

Reputation, reputation, reputation: The 3 key ingredients for crisis management in the social media age

In an age of 24 hour news and social media, everything you do is under scrutiny and corporate reputation is more precarious than ever. A top corporate headhunter recently told PR Week’s editor Danny Rogers that corporate affairs directors have gained

Handling FOI requests – an opportunity not a threat to public sector comms teams

Last week, the CIPR’s Yorkshire and Lincolnshire group held a workshop for public sector communicators on handling Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. We ran the event in response to growing concern about the increasing volume of requests received

Top tips for creating an employee social media policy

We have just written a free guide for employers on how to create a social media policy for their employees (and have a free breakfast event in Leeds on Wed 7 December on this subject) This guide is in response to a growing number of queries from our clients

Social media is changing crisis communications – are you prepared?

I recently ran a short workshop on managing your online reputation for the Yorkshire & Lincolnshire group of the Chartered Institute of PR.   We had a mixture of in house PR practitioners and consultants working with clients across a number of sectors.

Customers complaining on Twitter and Facebook – how should you respond?

How many people do you tell if you’ve had poor customer service?  It used to be around 20, but that was before the internet. Now instead of simply telling their friends, disgruntled customers can turn to consumer forums and social media to leave feedback

NHS eavesdropping – why is this a news story?

Interesting to spot that the FT has this week written …. “People grumbling to friends about their health or waiting times at hospitals is nothing new. But as more choose to do so on internet forums and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook,

What do celebrity Kate Moss and African republic Rwanda have in common?

The Guardian reported this week that some of the world’s least democratic countries are turning to British PR firms for a reputation makeover.  The London office of PR firm Racepoint has been hired by Rwandan president Paul Kagame to spearhead a public

The recession is kind to good businesses – and cruel to the poor ones. What can you do in a recession to be great?

René Carayol was the inspiration at this year’s Yorkshire International Business Convention (YIBC). The headlines were all about Brian Blessed – and you have to admire the fact that this famous actor climbed Mounts Everest and Ararat in his 60s and