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UK Trade & Investment – integrate social media into marketing and PR strategies

Victoria Tomlinson posted this on

Northern Lights was appointed by UKTI to run tailored workshops for smaller businesses looking to use social media to support their exporting strategies.

The challenge was to teach the basics about what social media is, for many businesses, but at the same time show how it can be used to support marketing activities.

Some of the key points were

  • Don’t start using social media at random.  It must be part of your marketing  and PR strategy
  • Consider who you want to reach and find out what social media your clients are using
  • Research the social media used in the countries you are targeting and consider cultural differences and privacy laws
  • Social media can be a cost effective way of communicating and marketing across borders
  • Social media is about engaging with your audience – not advertising at them
  • Keep your online content fresh and current

Northern Lights carried out advance research with the businesses attending to gauge their existing knowledge and use of social media – and identify which countries interested them.  The course was tailored with examples relevant to each business attending.

The workshops have been highly successful.  Evaluation from the businesses showed

  • 100% said the event was helpful or very helpful
  • 100% said the workshop was relevant to their businesses

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