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Northern Lights PR marketing network – making everyone responsible for internal communications

Victoria Tomlinson posted this on

Northern Lights PR’s marketing network brings together our clients and contacts working in in-house marketing-comms roles to discuss common issues and share ideas.

We hold round table meetings every couple of months with 10-15 senior marketing professionals from colleges, universities, schools, charities, professional services firms, high growth businesses and other organisations. The latest session, hosted by Martin Dickson at Leeds City College’s Food Academy, was on internal communications.

Internal communications often falls under the marketing-comms team’s remit by default. As with all marketing-comms activity, it can only be effective if it is driven from the top and part of the culture of the organisation.

We asked all attendees for their biggest internal communications issues. They were (in order of importance)

  1. Making everyone responsible for internal comms and marketing
  2. Keeping morale up whilst being honest about tough economic climate
  3. Multi-site integration
  4. Making communications genuine and engaging
  5. Managing culture
  6. Distinguishing between internal marketing comms and internal management comms

The group debated the top three issues and shared ideas for addressing them. All attendees pledged at least one action that they would take as a result of the meeting. They included

  • Set up an internal team to discuss internal comms (so it doesn’t just sit with marketing)
  • Identify 3 key things about internal comms and get them across to senior management
  • Arrange leadership training for managers at all levels
  • Find out what Yammer is and use it to get people within the organisation talking
  • Start an ezine to keep people out on the road updated
  • Spend more time talking to people across the business
  • Improve intranet to streamline and categorise information better


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