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Bradford University School of Management – embracing social media

Victoria Tomlinson posted this on

We helped Bradford University School of Management introduce social media as part of its overall marketing activities.  Over the last few years, some of our activities have included

  • Training a team of expert academics to blog as part of promoting their research areas and supporting the School’s business engagement strategy
  • Writing blogs
    • Sometimes we take a piece of research and break it down into a number of blogs, as with Dr Sarah Dixon, the dean
    • With Dr Robert Lomas we have taken his book, Mastering Your Business Dissertation (2011) Routledge, Oxford and are turning different chapters into blogs
    • We helped Prof Mark Freeman to write an interim research report – and then suggested this as a blog, The Flight to Financial Quality
    • Help get comments on blogs – as with Dr Sarah Dixon’s blog on Will Quotas get the right Women on Boards?  Some of the comments came from people who found the blog; others from people we emailed who we knew were interested in this topic
    • Managing the @bradmanagement Twitter account – and spotting people who are wanting more information on MBAs and other programmes.  We help build the relationship with them through Twitter – which many students find easier than through emails
    • LinkedIn – helping to understand how to target and build relationships through LinkedIn and writing profiles that will be found on search engines

Julian Rawel, director of executive education, said:  “I have found that I can use social media as a subtle promotional platform, for example I can say to people I meet ‘have a look at my blog’.  I use the blog as part of building the relationship.”

And Prof Chris Gale said about his blogging:  “Increasingly students are mentioning that they have read a blog and seem really pleased that the head of their law school is commenting on topical issues and out there. I am certain more interaction is building and that we will start really engaging with businesses, students and lecturers through it.   I have already had interest from three lecturers in their 30s who want to start blogging too – and I see this as the next generation joining us and taking it forward.”

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