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Social media is changing crisis communications – are you prepared?

I recently ran a short workshop on managing your online reputation for the Yorkshire & Lincolnshire group of the Chartered Institute of PR.   We had a mixture of in house PR practitioners and consultants working with clients across a number of sectors.

The Catholic Church – a lesson in (poor) crisis communications

The Guardian this weekend reports “The archbishop of Canterbury has said the Catholic church in Ireland has lost “all credibility” because of its poor handling of the scandal of paedophile priests.” Two weeks ago the pope made an unprecedented

Horse meat crisis part 2 – what about internal communications?

The horse meat crisis has now been running for a month. How time flies. Back in January, this blog looked at how Tesco had responded to the initial scare and what a crisis communications plan should look like. A question from a client made me

How do you make internal communications strategic – and achieve business results?

Last month I delivered a course for the CIPR on strategic internal communications – it is clearly a hot topic at the moment: I was brought in at the last minute as the course was over-booked and even my back-up course was full on the day! There were

Keeping business communications alive over the holiday season

It’s that time of year again when half the country ups sticks and abandons Blighty for two weeks of sunburn, sangria and the squirts. Holiday season is upon us once again and that can present major problems for businesses of all sizes as they work to

Responding to a crisis in schools – practical tips for head teachers

Handling a crisis in schools – practical tips for head teachers and governors.  Plan ahead, be honest and transparent, communicate with everyone from staff to parents, media to community groups.  Get yourself some expert help – it can be a lonely

The City should listen to their communications teams

Many would say that the City of London’s reputation came out of the insurance market where a handshake was a gentleman’s pledge to honour the deal. Across the world, the British are known for our honesty and decency – it is a distinctive brand

What if the media spotlight turned on your school – how would you communicate in a crisis?

A disaster on a school trip is every head’s worst nightmare.  You are trying to cope with anxious parents while journalists and photographers are camped outside the school gates. Every year we see national newspaper headlines about students injured

Northern Lights PR internship – addressing lack of diversity in the communications profession

We run an award winning PR internship for black and minority ethnic (BAME) graduates designed to help address the lack of diversity in the communications profession. It is based on the Taylor Bennett Foundation’s flagship programme in London and we

Reputation, reputation, reputation: The 3 key ingredients for crisis management in the social media age

In an age of 24 hour news and social media, everything you do is under scrutiny and corporate reputation is more precarious than ever. A top corporate headhunter recently told PR Week’s editor Danny Rogers that corporate affairs directors have gained